Two Colorado Athletes Take Multiple Top AG Awards

We just spent the better part of a month sharing the stories of many of Colorado’s top AG athletes, those toeing the line in Kona, IRONMAN’s most elite full distance competition.
While many think of Kona as the greatest accomplishment ever, there are plenty of athletes who win National and World titles at shorter distances.  Theses athletes work just as hard, demand just as much of their bodies and have just as impressive races as athletes who focus on the 70.3 and 140.6 mile distance races.
Two Colorado athletes have won multiple National and World titles in 2016: Kirk Framke and Ellen Hart.
Lets start with Kirk Fkirk-framke, 40-44yr men’s AG.  Back in August, Kirk competed in the USAT National AG Championship races in Omaha, NE.  One of several Colorado athletes to compete in back to back events that weekend.  The difference is Kirk laid it all out there and took 2nd in both events to athletes who did one or the other.
In September, Kirk went Cozumel and competed in the Amateur Triathlon World Championships.  On Sept 15th he won Silver in the Sprint distance race.  On Sept 18th, Kirk turned around and took the Bronze medal in the Standard distance, aka Olympic, race.  If that wasn’t enough,  less than a week later in Oklahoma City, OK, Kirk rounded out his trifecta winning the Bronze on Sept 24th in the Long Distance Amateur World Championships in what was an especially c
hallenging race due to the weather conditions.
Kirk is the only American male triathlete to win medals in all three of these world championships this year!
While Kirk’s accomplishments make a well rounded article on their own, let’s also talk about Ellen Hart.
Ellen competes in the 55-59yr old women’s AG.ellen austria bike
In August, Ellen raced USAT AG National Championships in Omaha.  She finished 4th i
n her AG in the Olympic race on Saturday, and turned around and finished 2nd in the Sprint race on Sunday.
In September, Ellen traveled to Queensland, Australia, and competed in the IRONMAN 70
.3 World Championship race on Sept 4th, finishing 5th in her AG.  On Sept 15th in Cozumel, she won the Bronze in the Sprint distance Amateur Triathlon World Championships.  On Sept 24th, she won the Gold i
n the Long Distance Amateur World Championships.  And if that wasn’t enough, she competed in the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona this past weekend and finished 2nd in her AG.
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