Happy New Year 2021! What’s ahead in the 303, Peek Behind the Curtains

By Bill Plock

As owner and publisher of the 303Endurance Network, which includes 303cycling.com, 303triathlon.com, 303Endurance Podcast and 303TV, thank you for reading, listening and watching our content.

Bill Plock

People assume 2020 must’ve been hard for us with almost no endurance events. And sure, it took a while to find our bearings, but we published more original stories than ever before. We interviewed almost 100 people on our podcast and YouTube Garage talk series. We connected more than ever before and in 2021 we plan even more.

We plan to bring you more local industry news and we are partnering with key groups and organizations to feature more stories about inspirational people and events. We will you bring more adventures and more stories about the places where we like to play. We plan more product reviews and hope to have some cool merchandise for your endurance lifestyle. We will be at key events with our Story Collector Trailer where you can sample some products or maybe try some new equipment or sit and chat with us, share a story, grab a map, some bacon or whisky, or meet someone new.

Bill Plock, Rich Soares, Khem Suthiwan

We encourage you, your friends, maybe companies you work for to send us stories, links and interesting Endurance News. If you think we can help you with publicity, we can send you a media kit to promote your business or event. We are looking for more authors and reporters who would like to be published. If you know of someone we should interview and share their story, let us know. Shoot me a line at bill@303colorado.com

Last year we partnered with the High School Cycling League (were named partner of the year) and we plan to be at their races to cheer on these awesome student athletes. We also partnered with the WeRide4 Cycling club and had fun on their tour. Look for some fun interviews with our future.

People often ask me who is 303? How do you make money? Why do you do this?

This is our “mission statement”:

303 Endurance Network creates, compiles and shares stories, news, personalities and helpful resources to enrich, entertain, educate and enhance the Colorado endurance community. We collaborate with journalists, photographers, videographers, writers and social media influencers. Our network provides marketing opportunities for partners to connect to this community through our website, podcasts, videos, and in person experiences at events and industry gatherings. 

But this is our why, our truth: We love everything about the Endurance Lifestyle and Colorado and anywhere we get to play and compete and we love to share it all.

Is it a business? Absolutely. Our long term vision is to make a modest living doing what we love and loving what we do. As of right now we do have revenue rooted in traditional advertising and content sponsorships. Do we need to supplement our incomes? Yes, or utilize other resources. But like conquering the events we love, it takes persistence and perseverance. Like my uncle says; sustain, maintain and endure.

How can you help? Refer friends, like our social media, subscribe to our podcast, newsletter and YouTube channel. You will never be harassed and your info is never sold–I promise.

Our newsletter is a very important part of our business and your subscription means a lot. You get one email a week, maybe two in the height of the season about upcoming events. Here is a link to subscribe: http://bitly.ws/7zPy

If you would like to subscribe to our podcast, here is a link to the RSS feed or find us at 303Endurance Podcast on your favorite podcast channel, http://303endurance.libsyn.com/rss

And our YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChJ94Ayz1R0cWEbbpIOatoQ/videos

We hope to continue to grow our connections in the Endurance community and widen our appeal to advertisers and marketers.

We plan to utilize themes to help guide our editorial content and interviews. These are subject to change but for now:

  • Jan/Feb; Inspiration and hope 
  • Mar/Apr;  Growth and Opportunity. 
  • May/June: Discipline and development
  • July/Aug:  Breaking Barriers and Re-thinking Limits (thinking Olympics and Colorado Classic)
  • Sept/Oct:  Success and Triumph
  • Nov/Dec: Gratitude and Reflection

And last but hardly least, thank you to our tireless team of Rich Soares who orchestrates our podcast and to Khem Suthiwan who publishes our weekly newsletters, writes some stories and offers many great social media moments and photos.

Thank you to our staff of writers and contributors: Rob Quinn (dirt journal), Jessica McWhirt, Talitha Vogt, Jody Legg, Kristen McCay Smith, Sasha Underwood, Becky Furuta, and Ryan Muncy and all our partners who provided content, information, photography and advertising support.

And don’t forget if you are hiring in 2021, our Jobs page is the second most looked at part of our site and was “read” by over 25,000 people in this area.

We know what a challenging year now looks like. We know more than ever how important it is to remain present, focus on the now, dream of the next minute, not the next month because we know it can all change.

As Rich says on each and every one of our almost 300 podcasts, “Enjoy the Endurance Journey”

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  1. John Hutchinson

    Thanks Bill and the entire team and 303Endurance. We can’t wait to see you at the Colorado League races in Fall 2021!


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