Final Strava story

By Bill Plock

This is a commentary, an opinion of sorts, but I personally am glad Strava is making a second home here in Denver. They are cool people who I believe mean well and will make our endurance, outdoor, triathlon and cycling communities stronger and more fun. I ran this morning with the Executive Leadership team and others, and it’s clear at the end of the day, the intention of Strava is promote community and fun. While it’s a data fueled company, its core seems to be fueled by genuine passion for doing just about anything in motion.

Founders Mark and Mike met at Harvard on the crew team and dreamed up this concept in 1996. But it wasn’t until 2006 when the pieces started to fall into place, technology caught up with the dream and it all started to happen.

Soon hopefully, 303Radio will have an in depth interview with this group and we would love to know what you want to learn about Strava.

Mark and I were chatting on the run and I asked him what he thought the most coveted KOM is? He paused, I paused, lots of epic climbs in Europe came to mind, so I narrowed it down to the US and finally to Colorado. Too many to fathom!

Is it Lookout Mountain? Left Hand to Ward? Deer Creek? Mt. Evans? Pikes Peak? Squaw Pass?. Chime in and let us know what you think the most coveted KOM is.

But the Strava folks will tell you some of their favorite segments and most popular ones are short ones in parks, ones with costumes, ones where people are interacting with people and having fun.

303’s network is happy to help Strava feel welcome to Colorado and I hope everyone else will too!

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  1. Terrance

    The favorite KOM is Pikes Peak when riding with Bill.

    • Bill Plock

      Thanks Terrance! We need to put that on the list again this summer!!


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