Colorado XTERRA Athletes

Garren Watkins

photo by Adam Hodges at XTERRA Lory

photo by Adam Hodges at XTERRA Lory

I work with Jake Wells at Attain Form Studios. I am an ambassador for Panache and Fizik‘s.
I started racing triathlon over 10 years ago after an ACL surgery and I stopped playing soccer.  I have completed 10 Ironmans as well as a trip to Kona in 2012. I also race cyclocross (CAT2) so picking up a mountain bike and combining it with some swimming and running was a logical progression. I had grown tired of Ironman.
I raced Xterras in 2013 and went to Worlds then as well. Picked up Xterra again this year after going back to Ironman in 2014/15. Raced Lory, Beaver Creek, Buffalo Creek and Utah Pan Am Champs this year winning my AG in each. I took my Maui spot at Beaver Creek.
I’m looking forward to redeeming my effort from 2013, it was half assed, and really seeing how well I can do. I’ve made an effort to work on my run all season, so I’m ready.

Paula Maresh

I am racing Xterra Worlds this weekend in Maui. I am excited to give it my all out there on Sunday.
A little bit about my past experiences. I raced road triathlons starting in 1984 when the Bud Light series was taking off. I raced pro for a short period of time and then decided to turn my attention to mountain bike racing. I raced mountain bike events all over WV and Ohio. 12 years ago my husband and I moved to CO from Ohio and we never looked back.
I picked up triathlon racing again in 2008 but have been only racing Xterra events. This is my fourth trip to Maui and I am excited. My sponsors and team CocoaVia have helped tremendously this season.
I am also supported by Yeti CyclesSquirt LubeKenda Tires, and Optic Nerve Eyewear.  I also coach athletes in multi sport events, track and cross country. My business is called Forerunner Endurance.
I am a full time science teacher at Chatfield Senior High School in Littleton. I really enjoy teaching teenagers.

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