Colorado Springs’ Borealis Fat Bikes gets investment from former world champion skier on CNBC’s “Adventure Capitalists”

From left to right, Dhani Jones, Jeremy Bloom, Bode Miller and Shawn Johnson East stand with Borealis fat bikes, which they tried out in the mountains outside Banff, Alberta.

From The Denver Post

Borealis Fat Bikes looked good to all four investors on CNBC’s “Adventure Capitalists.” But when offers came from skiers Bode Miller and Jeremy Bloom, Colorado Springs entrepreneur Steve Kaczmarek took the deal from his home state, selling a 25 percent stake in his Colorado to Bloom.

Bloom, a former world champion skier and University of Colorado football standout, offered $250,000 for a 25 percent stake in the company that reached $2.5 million in sales last year. Kaczmarek agreed, even though he received a better offer from Miller, also a former pro skier, who wanted 20 percent of Borealis for the same price.

Miller said that he could establish the all-terrain bikes in the European market, while Bloom said he could boost Kaczmarek’s prospects in his native Colorado. The other two investors, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East and former NFL star Dhani Jones, advised Kaczmarek to take Miller’s offer.

The investors in CNBC’s “Adventure Capitalists” will decide in Tuesday’s episode whether or not to invest in Steve Kaczmarek’s Colorado Springs company.

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