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The county is still busy on a couple of big road projects that will affect your cycling.

Lefthand Canyon Almost Complete

The season long construction is nearly finished! The latest word is that there is just 1 more week for the hour long delays at mile 1.3 (between the Greenbriar and Olde Stage) during the week, and the pavement will be finished!   And everything west of Lee Hill will be paved by the 18th, too, except Glendale Gulch, which is a mile west of Lee Hill before the Fire Station.

83rd Street Construction Continues Until December 14th

The shortest path to Carter Lake is still closed at the bottom of the corkscrew for bridge reconstruction, so if you are planning a ride to Carter lake take a right on the dirt road where the construction starts, then a left on the pavement. This will drop you off a bit farther up on the CR-21.
For any questions about cycling impediments, or closures take a look at this map that Boulder County put together. It has everything you need to know about the road conditions on popular bike routes. For more information please contact the county project coordinator, Andrew Barth at 303-441-1032 or via email.

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