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Welcome to 303 Media. We are a team of Colorado athletes and media professionals passionate about cycling, triathlon and multi-sport. On road, off road, on the way to work, everywhere a wheel goes, a body swims and feet move.

We share the latest about local events, industry news, gear reviews, training tips and offer other resources to help athletes and enthusiasts enjoy their sport more and keep up with latest.

We offer our advertising and marketing partners a very targeted audience with deep reach into the robust and active, mostly Colorado, cycling and triathlon community.

We offer a broad range of ways to connect with our readers and subscribers via our websites, 303Radio podcasts, 303TV YouTube channel, Weekly Spin direct email newsletter and live- and in-person connections at the numerous events we cover and share on our social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why advertise with us? We are grassroots marketing at its best. We personally know a significant number of our readers, followers, and partners. They trust us. They like us. They know us. We try to make our community a better place to recreate, to train, to race and to explore. We are advocates, we support your businesses, either directly or by helping create the best possible environment for your customers. If you have customers that reside or play in Colorado, buy your products or services—why wouldn’t you partner with such trusted media?

303 covering Kona 2016

We are more than impressions, posts and tweets. We are real. Ask our current advertisers – we bring immeasurable value. We are affordable and effective, and when you sponsor us at an event, you get an ambassador that helps build your brand. We exist between the lines, beyond the page, behind the lens and report from a bike, in a lake, on a trail—wherever your customers exist, the keyboard is merely a tool to document it all.

Our reach

Combined we offer: 250,000 unique readers, 700,000 page views, 11,000 Facebook followers, 14,000 Twitter rollers, more than a 100,000 YouTube video views and thousands of podcast downloads.

We Are dedicated to latest cycling news, event coverage, industry news, advocacy and job opportunities along with suggestions on rides, routes, gear and anything cycling. Colorado is consistently the second most represented state at the Ironman World Championships and home a very active triathlon community. We offer daily news dedicated to enriching the triathlon community with race coverage, athlete profiles, training tips, club news and coaching resources.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-05-19-at-4.35.30-PM.png 303 Endurance Podcast hosted by Bill Plock and Rich Soares brings you weekly discussions on all things Endurance!

303TV led by videographer and creative genius Kenny Withrow offering a huge variety of video delights featuring Garage Talks,  pro athletes, specific product usages, event and race coverage, and just fun in the field.

Please Contact Publisher/Owner Bill Plock with any questions and help getting started.

Advertising and promotional opportunities—so many to choose from, let us craft just the right mix!!

  • Basic display ads (specs below)  impressions-can run on one or both web sites
  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Page/Category Sponsorship  303Radio, 303Tv, Weekly Spin, Women’s Wednesday, Event Calendar, Job listings, Rides and Climbs, IRONMAN Boulder Resource Page, Tri Coach Tuesday, Monday Masters—examples of what is possible
  • Fixed Logo – displayed on site homepage all year
  • Advertorial  – content agreed upon prior, written by client and/or 303 staff as agreed
  • Product Review – negotiable depending on product, if staff retains, and depth of review
  • 303Radio Podcast
  • 303TV  Client video added to 303TV and promoted with 10,000 impressions
  • 303TV Produced videos will be priced accordingly
  • Event Highlights – included in our Weekend Preview and not just on calendar, great for seasonal categories like CX, Fat Bike, Crits etc..
  • Expanded Job Posting
  • Expanded Coaches Listing

We also have special projects that will be proposed separately—we always give our advertising and editorial partners our best value, and under promise and over deliver

  • Race/Event Promotion—add to an ad package a swap for an entry for a 303 staffer and get a pre- and post-race written recap and social media posts
  • Kona Sponsorship—we make Colorado athletes feel welcome and special in Kona with gifts, coverage, photos, and a lot smiles; Packages include inclusion in gifts, a custom Colorado “team” shirt just for them, and much more- ads, photos, videos, mentions and live spots from Kona
  • Seasonal Projects, e.g. cyclocross series coverage sponsors, Ironman Boulder snow cone sponsor and media coverage, Colorado Bike Expo exposure package, Without Limits Triathlon series and race series

Package Opportunities!

Whole Enchilada

  • Comprehensive package of Ads, Weekly spin newsletter, 303radio and 303TV
  • 25% discount on current CPM rate 100,000 minimum impressions
  • 8 Facebook posts and tweets, 8 Instagram photos (client to provide content)
  • 1 303Radio podcast
  • 1 303TV video (you provide video, for additional fees we can produce a video)
  • 25% discount on all additional marketing opportunities listed above
  • Logo featured on one site all year, 25% off if want both sites
  • Logo on weekly spin 1 month free, 25% off additional months

High Market Saturation 

  • For those who want to make certain the targeted audience sees the ad. Many times.
  • 15% discount on current CPM rate 80,000 minimum impressions
  • 4 Facebook posts and tweets, 4 Instagram photos (client provides content)
  • 15% discount on all additional marketing opportunities listed above

Moderate Market Saturation 

  • 10% discount on current CPM rate, 50,000 minimum impressions
  • Facebook posts and tweets,  Instagram photos (client provides content)
  • 10% discount on all additional marketing opportunities listed above

Ad Specs

  • Send files: 2-3 logos, animated or static–your choice. EPS, JPEG, etc. 728.x90 (banner ad), 300 x 250 (side ad), URL of choice for click-throughs

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