Alchemy Announces New Gravel and Hard Tail MTB, adds on to Arktos Lineup

DENVER, CO, October 7, 2021 — Colorado-based boutique bicycle manufacturer, Alchemy Bicycles, has pushed all their chips in the dirt at this year’s Sea Otter Classic, in Monterey, CA. Built from the success of their current lineup of mountain bikes and gravel bikes, including the Arktos and Ronin, Alchemy has driven even further into the dirt arena with the launch of two new bikes and a flip chip suspension system modification for the 2022 Arktos. Customers can now expand their versatility in the dirt with the all-new Alchemy Rogue, a gravel bike, and the Argos, a new titanium hardtail mountain bike. In addition, Alchemy’s 2022 Arktos has a much-anticipated upgrade to the full-suspension Arktos mountain bike with their flip chip linkage modification. True to Alchemy’s heritage, they have doubled down on the ability to personalize their bikes, including paint, builds, and geometry customization. Below are details on each individual release including pricing, specifications, and availability. 

Rogue – Gravel Bike

The Alchemy Rogue is a natural expansion of Alchemy’s handmade in Colorado gravel bike lineup and the perfect complement to the Ronin. The Rogue brings more terrain capability with a slack head tube angle, wider tire clearance and updated geometry. It is the first US-made gravel bike to include the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH), giving the bike more range and reliability. In addition, the frame is built with the award-winning Alchemy Factory Carbon that has been revered for over a decade.

Now accepting reservations with delivery in November.

Argos – Titanium Hardtail Mountain Bike

Inspired to be the perfect trail hardtail for the Argos Trail, located behind Alchemy’s soon-to-be-headquarters and the gateway to the Apex Park in Golden, CO, the Argos titanium hardtail is the newest addition to the Alchemy mountain bike line-up. The Argos is built to tackle the strenuous climbs throughout the Colorado Rockies while maintaining strength, resilience and impact resistance. It is a true trail-attacking hardtail with updated progressive geometry. Handcrafted in Alchemy’s workshop using Alchemy’s custom USA blended titanium, the tubing, bends and welds are all designed for quality ride-feel and performance.   

2022 Arktos Launch with Flip Chip

Alchemy’s 2022 Arktos features an all-new flip chip modification that now offers the ability to transform the Arktos from a capable, playful down-country bike with a steeper, more maneuverable geometry to a wickedly fast enduro machine. In addition, the flip chip modification makes it incredibly easy to convert the Arktos from a 29” bike to a mixed-wheel arrangement, further expanding the Arktos’ already impressive versatility.

Flip chip is available on the Arktos 120, Arktos 135, and Argos 150 & MX models beginning on 10/31.

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