Adaptive Cyclocross Is a Thing, and It’s Amazing

This past weekend’s MUCCY race was a blast – here’s an insight to the adaptive world of cyclocross…

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Adaptive Cyclocross Is a Thing, and It’s Amazing The Mile High Urban CX Chaos race in Denver allows riders with disabilities to participate in the fun of ‘cross

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The Democracy of Cyclocross

Cyclocross is a hugely fun sport for racers and spectators alike. And during the Mile High Urban CX Chaos (MUCCY) race, everyone can participate: MUCCY is open to all kinds of adaptive bikes and focuses on racers with special needs.

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Getting By With a Little Help From Friends

Getting By with a Little Help from Friends
The adaptive category in MUCCY’s race is designed for individuals who cannot easily mount or dismount their bicycles. Racers in this category still ride the normal course, but people are available to help them with the tricky mount/dismount sections—whether that means lending a hand to walk, or getting a push over the barriers.

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Cowboy Versus… What?!

It’s not all serious business—there’s plenty of ‘cross hijinks and fun happening on race day as well. This battle for the sprint between a cowboy and a slightly underdressed racer makes for an excellent, silly foil to the more serious and heart-warming moments from the race…

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