From the Front Lines: Katie Macarelli reports from CX Nationals

katie303 checked in with Feedback Sports’ Katie Macarelli this morning, and learned what is happening down in Asheville, North Carolina at Cyclocross Nationals:

“We’ve been uber busy. People are loving the Omnium,” She says. (Her duties have included tending to racer warmups throughout the week, and keeping them laughing.)




When asked about the conditions/competitors/camaraderie of her Friday race (Women Master 40-44 Cat 1-2-3), she says, “Hmm. So much. The women’s race was rad. Everyone is awesome. Overall, Asheville is killing it as a venue. The course is amazing and very hard… Georgia Gould – who announced all the women’s races – heckled me as she was announcing my race. That was fun. She said something like, ‘She ought to do more biking, and less baking. Her winning banana bread isn’t helping her race any.’ ” (Read the infamous story of Katie’s Dodgeball/Baking challenge with Katie Compton & Pros HERE, and the full story of the “Pro’s Vs. Industry Mo’s” obstacle race and bake-off HERE.)

ladies nightKatie also went to a ladies night, with wine, appetizers, and “a little series of intimate interviews with some top racers, and normal women, too.” She continues, ” It was cool to hear how the local city learned from Austin last year, and learned what NOT to do. And that they really rallied to get an all-day of women racing in the schedule. This was a first-ever occurrence, and probably will continue.”

mechanicsFriday night included the “Mechanic’s Competition” which Katie describes as “SUPER fun.” She says, “It was locals and pro’s all competing, and was super fun to watch. Jeremy Power’s mechanic won. Brady Kappius may have beat him but he failed at chugging a beer. That was really entertaining.”

“Today is the industry race,” Katie says with a combination of excitement and anxiety in her voice. “There’s looooots of pressure for bragging rights. The co-owner of Feedback, Lisa, had to go home to take care of kids, so I’m the only female representing the company in that race. And I’m ranked 7th. Which is a front row call up. If I do poorly that’s a real shame with a start like that. So we shall see.”

womens raceShe considers team strategy, and continues, “We’ll catch some of the men and some of the men will catch me (like my co-worker) so it will get messy fast. I’m reluctant to put myself through that much pain again. Phew. So hard and I am no longer fit. Bleeeeccchhh.”

She laughs her trademark chortle – genuine, from the gut, with a little bit of a rasp. “But I’m sure as soon as I start I’ll be grinning ear to ear. Like always.”

Thanks for the report, Katie!

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