2017 Melton Design Build / GS Forza Cycling Junior Women’s Racing Program

The Melton Design Build / GS Forza Cycling Team is excited to announce our new Junior Women’s Racing Program! Now is the time to get more young women involved in all forms of bike racing and we’ve created a program to help them explore the sport.

Coming off the Rio Olympic summer games, the US women are at the forefront of the international cycling scene. With the energy created by the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League and the resources available in the Front Range, the Melton Design Build / GS Forza Cycling Junior Women’s Racing Program is establishing a program to nurture young female athletes in their racing ambitions. Whether the goals are local, collegiate, or national levels, we believe that through professional coaching and supervised practices that we can have a fun, supportive environment to introduce young women to all racing disciplines.

We are a junior team based in Boulder, Colorado. We ride and race year-round, from the first frosty time trial in March, though the road races, criteriums, hill climbs, and off-road races of spring and summer, and then in the mud and snows of autumn until cyclocross season ends in mid-winter. We are an active and familiar presence in Colorado’s bike racing scene, and our distinctive orange kit makes us hard to miss!


Cari Higgins

To best serve our junior women in 2017 we will have Cari Higgins* as road and track coach, and Kristal Boni as cyclocross coach. We will have girls-only practices, as well as combined practices with our junior boys. We want to create an environment where young female athletes can explore racing, pursue their ambitions, and have a lot of fun.

Young women will benefit from joining our team in a variety of ways, including the following.



Kristal Boni

Team Practices and Racing:

– We run a year round program with riders competing in road, track, MTB, and cyclocross.

– We begin the year with indoor training in January and February. In March we transition to twice weekly road practices that run through early August. We also do team training sessions on the track. Our riders usually road-race on the weekends and often race short track MTB or at the velodrome during the week. In late August we begin twice weekly cyclocross practices.

During the fall our riders compete in cyclocross and in the High School Mountain Bike League. In November and December the team trains twice a week indoors, with many of our riders looking to peak at cyclocross nationals in January.



Melton Design Build is our title sponsor and primary financial supporter. In addition, team members receive discounts from the following sponsors:

– Blue Competition Cycles – high performance road, track, MTB, and CX bikes

– Fast Forward Wheels – hand-built carbon wheels for road, track, MTB, and CX

– House Of Spin – all shop services and products

– Excel Sports – retail and online product purchases


!!! To launch our Junior Women’s Racing program we are offering half-price fees for new female riders in 2017!!!!


If you are interested in riding for our team please contact:

Cari Higgins 

303-717- 9934



Alex Dorgan Ross

303-619- 9216



*Cari Higgins recently retired from racing as a member of the United Healthcare Women’s Professional Cycling Team. She is a 19 time US Elite National Champion, World Cup medalist, Pan Am medalist, World Championship team member on road and track. Cari has also been involved in coaching for six years (including Collegiate Champions, National Champions, World Champions and World Record holders). She has been a coach for USA Cycling and the Guatemalan Cycling Federation.

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