WomenForTri Kick Off Party

women-for-tri imageWomenForTri was created by Ironman and Lifetime Fitness as an initiative to encourage and support female participation in the sport of triathlon, at all distances, not just the Ironman distance. The BTC wants bring this to a Boulder-centric level by collaborating with Ironman/LifeTime’s local WomenForTri activities, while adding a unique social focus and also linking into BTC’s existing training activities here in Boulder.
Our mission is to provide a more personal connection of friendship and support for female BTC athletes of ALL levels and abilities, and to grow this Tribe. It’s all about helping each other find that joy and motivation that makes endurance sports so much fun and enriching to our lives, our health and well-being.
Whatever your experience or competitive level as a multisport athlete, we want you to know that this group is for YOU! Chances are you fall into one (or more) of these categories:
BTC logo_3*You are a newbie triathlete just contemplating your first triathlon
*You have a few races under your belt and may be wondering how to improve your times and/or confidence level
*You have been at this sport for a while and are thinking of stepping into a new arena such as off-road triathlon or cyclo-cross
*You are racing just for fun and want to keep it that way
*You’ve not really found a swim or bike or run group that feels right for you
*You want to tackle your first Iron distance race and need some advice/encouragement/training-partners
*You are ready to kick it up a notch and get serious to how fast you can really race with some girls who will push you in training
*You like hanging out with girls who “get” why this endurance sports thing is so much fun
*You would like to understand how this endurance sports thing COULD be so much fun 🙂
So what are our plans? We want to make this a highly collaborative group, so YOU will have a large part in building our core values and how we bring them forward in philosophies and actual activites. Here are some ideas we have for activities just for women, as a start:
* Instructional sessions (swim stroke, yoga/strength, nutrition, bike mechanics, experts in related sports and health topics)
* Social sessions(triathlon book club, wine/cheese party, game night, happy hours, Q/A visits from local professional & elite athletes)
* Mentor/support(open water swim buddy at BAM Reservoir swims, gear swaps, travel together to out of town races, participate in local races together)
*What else would be awesome for our Tribe? Bring us your ideas!
VIXXEN HORIZONTAL LOGO_1We have partnered with Vixxen Racing, a team of local female triathletes competing at the elite level. One of the things we will ask of them is to assist us by leading technical skills workshops. We are happy to have them onboard as expert resources for BTC’s WomenForTri.
We hope you will join us! Please feel free to bring your girlfriends, daughters and mothers!
RSVP Required here by Saturday May 21st.
Monday May 23rd, 6pm
Colorado Multisport, Boulder
2480 Canyon Blvd
You can find the full WomenForTri training schedule here

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