Tri Coach Tuesday: Congratulations!

TCC logoCoach Justin Chester of TriCoach Colorado
It was a tremendous day yesterday for Trent and Paul. Here’s a quick write up of how their day went.
For Trent Arguello, when we first met 9 months ago, he could barely swim across the pool, so obviously a 2.4mi. swim was going to be his biggest challenge. Once he finished the swim in 2:09, we knew that he was going to be an Ironman that day. He was strong on the bike finishing in 6:14, and then proceeded to the run holding 10:30 pace for the first 6 miles. He fell off a bit from that through the middle portion of the run, but picked it back up for the final out and back west of the finish line. He completed his first ever triathlon in 14:15
Paul Johnson had dreams of being an Ironman in Boulder in 2015 when he and his brother Ted would toe the line together. Unfortunately for Paul, he started feeling very light headed and nauseous late in the bike ride and was transported by ambulance to Boulder Hospital. After being cleared by doctors, he wanted some redemption and signed up to take on the challenge in 2016. Paul started off with a blazing 1:09swim. Out onto the bike, his plan was to be a little more cautious, staying in check. He finished the bike in 6:36. As he came out onto the run, he began experiencing some leg issues which put him into a run/walk. But persevered all the way to the finish line in 14:18 and finally got to hear Mike Reilly say YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!

D3 logo_1Melanie Ricci of D3 Multisport
D3 Head Coach, Mike Ricci, shared that Ironman Boulder 2016 ranks as one of his favorite days as a coach! “Watching our passionate athletes cross the finish line knowing that our talented coaches helped them achieve success was an absolute thrill.” D3 Multisport had 14 1:1 athletes start the race along with 3 D3 coaches. That is 17 D3 athletes on the course and all 17 finished – 100% of our athletes finished the race! We had another group of athletes using D3 Training Plans and they had similar success. Some were first time Ironman athletes and others are long time veterans of this distance. Regardless, D3 is proud to have worked with all of them! Team D3 earned 1st place overall in Division IV in the Ironman Tri Club Program and had the 3rd highest point total out of all of the clubs/teams participating. PLUS, we have two more athletes headed to Kona in October! We would love to turn the spotlight on everyone who raced, and you can celebrate with us on Facebook or Twitter
D3 IMB 2016Of note, Elite Team member Greg Lindquist earned 5th OA and 2nd AG (qualified for Kona at a previous race). Elite Team member and D3 Coach Laura Marcoux earned 3rd AG and is headed to Kona. Coach Simon Butterworth earned 1st AG and is headed to Kona. Elite Team member Lisa Plunkett earned 3rd AG and narrowly missed Kona by 60 seconds! Elite Team Member Lawrence Gray earned 5th AG. Nic Cummings earned 5th AG. Coach Brad Seng guided sight impaired athlete (and owner of Colorado Multisport) Michael Stone to a 13:05 finish! Many other PRs, first times, and significant achievements from all of the athletes … it was a fabulous day for Team D3! #d3powered

Athletes Conrad Rodas, Ed O’Mally, Liz West, Brian Salin and Marty Rosenthal had great finishes.
liz west– Conrad just missed the podium finishing 6th in his AG.
– Ed finished 11th in his AG. IRONMAN Boulder was his first ironman and first marathon.
– LIz overcame a 10′ flat at the end of the bike to hit the podium taking 5th in her AG.
– Brian Salin, who works for Newton, had a 1.5 hr pr!
– Marty Rosenthal who completed his 5th IM.

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