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Interview with Lindsey Jean Bishop

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Lindsey Jean Bishop is relatively new to Colorado cycling but in such a short time has really made an impact. Unlike other folks interviewed on Lindsey is primarily a rider of the dirt and not asphalt and she is a women explaining her story from a women's view point. She also doesn't come from the 303 cycling bubble but resides in Colorado Springs.

Photo by Rob O'Dea

[303Cycling] Explain a little about yourself, where you were raised, what got you into cycling,
college, degree and current job.

[Lindsey] I grew up in northwest NJ and always enjoyed the outdoors. In high school I loved competing in sports, especially track and soccer. I got an academic scholarship to Syracuse University where I studied Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Inclusive Elementary Education. In hindsight, I worked a little too hard and graduated as the co-valedictorian of my college. My dorking-out also caused me to get out of shape and I began to miss feeling like an athlete. The summer before my senior year, in 2005, I did a mountain bike race and was invited to join Team Bulldog, a team out of northwest NJ. I decided mountain bikers were cool people and started doing more races. That summer I met Alison Dunlap at my first NORBA (Snowshoe, WV) and she encouraged me to start riding bikes more. I reinstated a Cycling Club at Syracuse University and began racing collegiate with the ECCC.

The following year Syracuse offered to fund my Master’s degree in Literacy. It made riding and racing very difficult. The many early-morning/late-night trainer sessions paid off when I won my Expert category XC National MTB Championship last June (2007). Two months later I finished my MS program in Literacy and moved out to Colorado Springs to focus more on becoming a bike racer. I was lucky to receive a gorgeous Cyclocross bike from Felt last fall, enabling me to start racing ‘cross and I fell in love with it!

I’ve been living out here in Colorado for over a year now and I’m working as a live-in nanny and a tutor. I just finished my first professional mountain bike season with Mafia Racing where I learned a lot! I also became more experienced with road racing and learned how to train with a power meter. Next summer I’ll be dividing my focus more evenly between mountain bike and road racing. I’m excited to be racing with Mafia Racing for mountain bike and Colorado Bike Law on the road!

[303Cycling] What do you see are the advantages to training in CO springs?


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