Mountain Biking

5 Mountain Biking Tips for Girls (and everyone else).

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Mountain biking is amazing and don’t let this rainy weather fool you. There is plenty of good riding to be had before we hang up our mountain bikes. If you are new to mountain biking it’s going to get hard before it gets easier. And then once it gets easier, it’s going to get harder again.

Ten Things You Need For Every Bike Ride

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The essentials

How many of the ten items do you carry? I get about 6 out of the ten and should at least make 9. Lucky for me there is always that one person on the ride that has 15 of the 10 items and saves the day! Jokes aside, if you don't make at least 5 of the 10 Essentials for every Mountain Bike Ride than you need to rethink your strategy.


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