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Tuesday Coffee Talk - Road User or Road Abuser?

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Interesting find last week, this one from the Victorian government in Melborne Australia. Related to this video is a facebook page which has a Road User or Abuser quiz. The quiz throws me off a bit as some of the questions are unique or phrase for those living in Australia but the concept is the same, are you the one making problems on the road?.

This reminds me of a piece we ran a few years ago, Are you practicing Conscious Cycling. With club/team rides getting into full swing these days are you being aware of the role you and the group you are in taking on the road? Once in this pack "bubble" do you care?

Safety of Cyclists in Boulder - Safe Streets Boulder Report

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The City of Boulder just released their Safe Streets Boulder Report which highlights many safety aspects for the users of Boulders Streets. The Daily Camera does some indepth analysis of the report and below is a snippet from article

Bicycles vs. vehicles make up 6 percent of all traffic accidents in Boulder, according to the Safe Streets report.

At that rate, cyclists are about three times more likely to be involved in an accident with a vehicle than a pedestrian is.

"You've really got to pay attention," said Jason Estes, a bike courier with Denver/Boulder Couriers who was making deliveries through the snow Friday morning.

By far, the most common danger to cyclists in Boulder is drivers making turns within intersections. Turning vehicles were the cause of 40 percent of all bike-vehicle crashes during the study period. In about 10 percent of the cases, a driver was making a right turn on a red light.
City baffled by summer drop

The study also poses something of a mystery for city officials.

Concussions Can Be Deadly

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From Dr. Tabitha Price, HealthONE’s Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital

Performance has no bounds. Persevere through the pain. Reaching the goal is the only option.


Do you remember when professional cyclist Chris Horner of Team RadioShack crashed and was knocked unconscious in Stage 7 of the 2011 Tour De France? According to New York Sports, Horner insisted on finishing the next 35 km, none of which he remembers: the crash, whether or not he finished, or even that he was riding in the Tour de France. There are numerous stories such as Horner’s and ones that are more significant like hockey sensation, HYPERLINK "" Sidney Crosby from the Pittsburgh Penguins who has been sidelined indefinitely because of lingering concussion symptoms or Colorado high school football player, Jake Snakenberg, who died from sustaining a second concussion.

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These three young men have two definite commonalities: they were wearing helmets and were physically capable to continue with their sport. Just because you can get up and put a helmet on does not mean everything is ok.

A concussion is “a traumatically-induced alteration in mental status that may or may not involve a loss of consciousness,” according to the American Academy of Neurology.

Cycling is not one of the most talked about sports when it comes to head injuries, but it should be. There were an estimated 446,788 sports-related head injuries treated at U.S. hospital emergency rooms in 2009, but from 2008-2009, cycling had the highest increase and most reported incidences of head injury when compared to 20 other sports, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. This includes both road and mountain biking.

Physically capable or not, a concussion is a serious matter. This type of head injury is considered “mild” in most cases, but despite the “mildness”, this injury can often cause significant and sustained neuropsychological impairments in

  • information-processing speed
  • problem solving
  • planning
  • memory

These impairments worsen with multiple concussions. The challenge with concussions is they may not be noticed in routine neurological examinations or the athlete may not exhibit symptoms until minutes, hours, even days later. As seen with Jake, his initial symptoms were so slight they went unnoticed with the outcome of return to play too soon resulting in death from a second sustained concussion within a week.

2012 Race Category Changes

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Coffee Talk Tuesday has returned and we can't think of a topic more sensitive than racing category changes and the ACA has some new ones in 2012. The letter below is pretty brief and to the point so no summary is needed.

From the ACA

Hello Colorado racing community,

We are making a couple of significant changes to the race categories for the 2012 season. This change is being made so that we can offer consistent categories for our athletes and promoters.

The first major change is the introduction of the Category 5 category. This category is designed for athletes new to the sport of competitive cycling. Many of our race directors and clubs have asked to include this category, and with our new partnership with USAC, this is a natural addition to our race days. Please note that Category 5 is not age-specific, is not part of the Cup competitions, and is not a State Championship category.

Rocky Mountain Road Cup - a new Three-tiered Points System series

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Rocky Mountain Road Cup and Colorado Cross Cup to Switch to Three-tiered Points System

GOLDEN, Colo. January 25, 2012 - The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado – the ACA - is proud to announce revamped points competitions for the 2012 road and cyclocross seasons. The road competition gets a whole new name – the Rocky Mtn Road Cup – and the cross season will again feature the organization’s signature Colorado Cross Cup branding. The most significant difference for this year’s competitions is the utilization of a three-tiered points system for the organization’s 120+ annual events.


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