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Meet and Ride with Team Rwanda in Boulder

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From Excel Sports

On Tuesday August 30th Team Rwanda Cycling will be joining Excel Sports for a bike ride! Jock Boyer and the guys from Rwanda cycling team will be stopping by the shop and leaving for a ride at 5:30 pm. After the ride we are headed to Reubens Burger Bistro to spend some time with the team, talk to the riders and learn about the mission of Team Rwanda Cycling. We’d love it if you come out to come ride with us and join us to spend some time with the team!

In 2006 Jock Boyer traveled to Rwanda as a guest of Tom Ritchey to assist with a local race. He soon moved to Rwanda to start and grow a program that would bring cycling to Rwanda in a way it hadn’t been done before. Over that year the project expanded and a team was formed to start Team Rwanda Cycling in 2007. Jock pulled from his years of racing and coached all his new team to help build not only the sport of cycling, but also to bring attention to the nation of Rwanda. One of the goals of Team Rwanda is to show that the nation is no longer in turmoil! The competitive goals of the Team are to take their team to the pelotons of the greatest races in the world. For 2012 the goal is to get to the Olympics. Beyond that the goal is to reach the pinnacle of cycling, the Tour de France.

Boulder open space board: Allow mountain bikes on Anemone Hill

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Boulder open space board: Allow mountain bikes on Anemone Hill

By Mitchell Byars Camera Staff Writer
Posted: 08/17/2011 10:58:45 PM MDT

The Boulder open space board is recommending a new trail on Anemone Hill that would be open to mountain bikes.

"This is an area of huge recreational benefit," said Open Space Board of Trustees member John Putnam. "Right now, we don't have a good opportunity for cyclists and no good trail access. Despite impacts, the benefit outweighs the potential harm."

Show Support for USA Pro Cycling Race coming to Boulder in 2012

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On Wednesday evening at 6:40 PM, Boulder fans will host a rally to show the national organizers of the Pro Cycling Challenge the strong support for bringing the race to Boulder in 2012. While an effort was made to hold a stage here this year, the lack of hotel space due to the timing of the event and other factors made it financially prohibitive. However, increased funding opportunities (such as the passage last year of the increase in Boulder's hotel occupancy tax), economic returns demonstrated by this year’s race, and the potential for advance planning all are expected to assist a Boulder bid for 2012. Shawn Hunter, CEO of the Pro Cycling Challenge, will be at the rally. "We are well aware of Boulder's rich history in cycling. It's exciting for us to see the City taking steps to get the support it needs to bring this amazing event to Boulder in 2012." In addition to Hunter, organizers expect a surprise guest or two at the rally.

Mountain Biking options might open up near Boulder

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From the DailyCamera

Despite upholding a ban earlier this year, the city of Boulder could make some room for mountain bikers on its open space.

On Tuesday night, the city's Open Space Board of Trustees heard proposals for alternative trail designs for Anemone Hill that would allow mountain bikers.

Volunteers needed for annual Boulder Bike Count

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Every year Boulder Transportation holds a downtown bike count. This data is used to help find out if there is adequate bike parking where the bikes are located along with other statistics number crunching. Right outside my office the last 2 months I have had to resort to locking my bike to a random post because the dedicated bike racks across the street are constantly full.

Coverage of this bike count in the Daily Camera

Coverage of past bike counts. This one helped to shape the bike corrals that are downtown.

From Community Cycles

RAAM Challenge -- a new spin to a hard race

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Everyone has heard of the grueling Race Across America (RAAM) and maybe you had the chance to watch the movie covering the challenges the racers face. This year the promoters of RAAM are creating a new sub genre of endurance racing it's coming to Colorado Aug 5-7th to Prospect Colorado (just south of Longmont). In this event you don't race across America or even Colorado but you can qualify for RAAM if desired. This new event captures the energy of endurance cycling AND allows you to compete in a team environment in the 60, 125, 200 or 400 mile course on 1, 2 or 4 man teams. How does this work? Your choice but as I understand the rules, only 1 rider must be on course at a time so others can relax while trailing in the sag wagon until it is their turn or all 4 can ride together in a train. This makes a 200 or 400 mile race sound a lot easier and fun, right? This isn't the only new endurance event coming to Colorado this year, check out the new Grand Fondo in Fort Collins coming later in August. Stay tuned next week for more information on that event.

Below is the 200 mile version of the course For other course, check out the race page


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