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Women's Wednesday - Skratch, Hummus, Leg Lube and Other Things you Might Be Missing in Your Life.

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Author, Cheri Felix rides Fruita

A lot goes into this. And by this I mean the mountain biker part of me cause even when the weather isn’t a mountain bikers dream come true (unless you have a fatty) I’m thinking and I’m scheming and I’m dreaming. When to go to Fruita. Is this year I do a mountain bike skills camp? What will be my next helmet and will my new bike love me as much I am sure to love it. So much goes into this life and don’t even get me started on my main gig. The true love of my life; taking care of my three kids and family.

So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things this week (yes, I borrowed that from Oprah). So these things are on my short list and no, no one asked to be on this list. This is all my own crazy.

Women's Wednesday - The unsinkable Flora Duffy

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Slowtwitch.com recently ran an interesting story on local cyclist (but former and returning triathlete, Flora Duffy). Some will remember this young blond racing with the CU Cycling team after failure at the Bejing Olympics. What was this tri star doing riding with the cycling team? Flora now explains her battle with body image, anorexic and the impact it has on a young successful athlete along with her return to the triathlete world.

This interview was done with her coach, Neal Henderson of the Boulder Sports Center. Flora is from Bermuda but lives in Boulder

How Does the Criminal Justice System Work in a Motorist-Cyclist Collision Case?

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From Megan Hottman – “TheCyclist-Lawyer.com”

I am sure most of you have read the comments posted to cycling websites and news sites following a motorist-bicycle accident. When cyclists perceive that the motorist was behaving irresponsibly, it seems many of the comments posted allude to the fact that the driver should have been charged with “attempted assault” or “attempted murder.” In this emotionally charged environment, the reality of the operation and function of the legal system commonly is distorted or completely misunderstood.

I thought it might be helpful to explain the charges and the elements that must be proven to support those charges so that we cyclists can all get on the same page when it comes to the criminal charges (and traffic citations) frequently issued in these cases. Please note- this article does not discuss the civil actions that can be filed against the motorist (e.g., a personal injury lawsuit).

Let’s begin with a basic description of the criminal process. Cases involving criminal charges are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office on behalf of the State of Colorado. The injured cyclist is not a named party to the action but as the victim, is actively involved in the process.


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