Is Fort Collins an island in Larimer County?

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I was hoping to post an article earlier this week about how progressive Fort Collins appears to be when it comes to a cycling community. They just opened their bike library, they are hosting six day races on the oval, they just recently had Collegiate Nationals, they have their own short track series.... and a few more that I know I have recently read about. I am impressed with what they are doing.... until I hear about the Sheriff is going to crack down on cyclist in his county.

Friday Fun, how did you learn how to ride a bike?

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Recently the Daily Camera has had two articles about Bicycling tops in childhood sports injuries and how a stop-sign-running-firth grader in Boulder was hit by a Winniebago Those stories themselves should get more attention but that's for another post. Today is Friday Fun and learning how to ride a bike can be dangerous as shown by this man and his son


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