Dillon and Copper Crits Canceled!

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From the top of the ACA...

The Dillon and Copper Criteriums have been canceled for 2008. The Dillon race cancellation was due to the city deciding to postpone until 2009 due to the now cancelled Colorado Stage Race. The Dillon promoter tried to get the event re-started after the Colorado Stage Race was cancelled but was unable to do so with the City of Dillon as well as attempting to find another venue. Copper experienced similar problems from events surrounding the Colorado Stage Race.

Valmont Park gets green light!

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Yesterday the Boulder City Council voted unanimously to start work on the greatly anticipated Valmont Park. From the article in the Daily Camera it was mentioned that a dog park, disc golf and bike park. Whow, this is very exciting news! It may not be as elborate as the original plan of having a Velodrome but from what I have heard about this "bike park" it will be a place where either weekly Short Track or cross races could take place!


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