Colorado Wielersport Closes its doors

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I'm sorry to hear this. I

I'm sorry to hear this. I respect Colorado Wielersport's unique contribution to the sport. The video is pretty dumb, but whatever. I wish he hadn't deleted his Facebook page though. As a Fort Collins resident (when this man lives) it was a shame he didnt mention us in his farewell or use any of our local media sites to say goodbye. We have a thriving, positive culture up north in 970. I bet the response would not have been so mean among northern Colorado people. Why the sudden closure? I only discovered his classic ride this year thanks to local press. I thought it was fun. Too bad you seem to care more about Boulder than your neighbors who actually know who you are.

I don't really understand the

I don't really understand the point of making a dramatic video like this.

"Closing its doors" implies that he has to have to lay off staff and sell inventory.

This just sounds like "we're not doing it anymore".

Why make a big deal about that? Why not just do fewer events or take a break?

This reeks of desperation for attention. Did he hope people would beg him to stay?

Also, using charity as a cudgel is pretty tacky.

I don't know anything about this person but this entire thing: the video and all his comments here just leave a bad taste in my mouth.