Video and Photos of 2010 Morgul Bismark Race

Great photos and video of of the Morgul Bismark Criterium and road race below. If you have photos and videos you would like to share with others drop us a line with your gallery link or video link at 303cycling contact.




Just got this video of Sunday afternoon. Awesome footage of racers going up the wall. Thanks to Garth Pillette of Pillette Productions for the video.

I was out shooting today from 11:30 to around 2:30. The categories are all mixed up but I got some great shots. It was a great week of racing and hopefully the Superior Morgul Classic will be back in 2011.

Here are some pictures from the P-1-2. It was a great day of bike racing with decent size crowds and a tough criterium course.

Men 35+

Men 3s

If you have any photos or video please contact us.

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Can't Believe you pulled it off!!

All I can say is "Wow!!" Brian, you have truly moved the standards for road cycling events in CO. I never thought I'd get to race on the same courses as Davie, Marcus, and the evil Russian. What a venue, what a series of great events. You're always going to have your whinny little bitches at these events who did not get their green ribbon for being the best sand-bagging old dude or whatever. Don't take it to heart, that had to be a massive undertaking and you should feel really proud. I was shocked that you avoided a snowstorm, based on how the kop' has gone of late. Boulder Racing rules!!!

It's all about the racing!

Brian and TEAM (caps because there must have been a ton of you working and volunteering),

You guys put on quite a show. No, it didn't all go according to plan, but I have some weeds in my well-tended garden, too!

For most of us, racing is a hobby. We like the speed, the exhilaration, the training, the camaraderie, the competition, the fitness. We aren't going to the Olympics, we aren't going to turn pro, and we'll never make any money at it. we just want to go out and do our best.

This year's race made a lot of weekend warriors very happy. Quality fields (always more fun to race against the best in your class), quality courses (safe, but technical and challenging), quality activity schedule (party!). And nobody has even mentioned what a great job you did with the weather!

If anything, I'd say you might have over-reached on this one. You had so many things to plan and take care of with a first year event that the rubber band just got stretched a little thin. Nothing wrong with aiming high, so long as you have the resources. So here are my positive recommendations to improve:

Work to schedule Morgul groups to avoid overlap, it got pretty crowded out there when large groups of different classes would intermingle.

Start races on time. When a premium entry fee is paid, having your race shortened (crits are already short enough!) because the organizers aren't ready is very disappointing.

When you offer neutral wheel support have them show up for the early starting categories as well as the pros, we paid too!

Get results out on time and accurate, everybody likes to know how they did, it's an instant gratification thing.

My closing comment is that the overall event score is fully a B+ on technical merit and an A+ on commitment and heart. It's clear you set out to make this a very special weekend and you deserve tons of credit for the accomplishments. Most of us can't see all the hours that go into permits, logistical planning, fundraising, volunteer management, marketing and more but I'll bet there were more sleepless nights than just this weekend. You guys deserve BIG LOUD thanks!

So...we'll wait a little longer for results, just be sure to come back next year with the new, improved version! I, for one, can't wait!