Cyclist endanger themselves and others on bike path

Another cycling story in the Daily Camera today about how Campus is trying to crack down on wreckless bike riding through campus, mainly on the bike path that parallels Broadway.

Let me present "victim #1"

Photo from Daily Camera

Riding 1 handed C
Talking on the Phone D
Riding with no Helmet F

While she might not be violating the speed she is surely engaged in wreckless behavior. In Santa Cruz CA they have set up a bike school for those whom break the traffic laws like speeding or blowing through a stop sign. Most of the wreckless behavior out there is due to ignorance and by sending the violator to school might just save their life!

The purpose of the traffic school is to allow cyclists that have been ticketed for running through a stop sign or riding at night without lights to "go to traffic school to avoid a hefty fine -- and pick up some safety pointers."

I wonder if the women in the picture even knows about the cyclist whom recently was killed in Boulder.

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