Where will the map take you?

Published on Feb 3, 2014

One of the shared, universal experiences in cycling is beating your own limits. Last season, Mavic's communications manager for the USA, Zack Vestal, remembered a particular long ride at age 18, one that pushed beyond his limits at the time. Thinking of that ride 20 years later, he focused on breaking a new barrier, by riding double the distance. Check out the inspiring video. And you, what limitations do you dream of exceeding in 2014?

Makes you want to pedal, right? Here's a little more help. Here's exactly how to travel the US without a car. Yep. As Zack Vestal said, "These lines on maps...they always beckon."

*Thanks to Mavic for putting this out there!

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thanks for watching

Hey all, I don't take offense either way, Thanks for watching anyway. and to be fair there are plenty more people doing plenty longer rides. I don't really make a big deal out of it. Mavic is keen to communicate the fact that most if not all the employees are passionate about the sport in their own way. this is my way of expressing it. we live and breathe the sport at every level! for me these days, it's about those massive days in the mountains. Hope to get out again this summer, somewhere ...