Single Speed/Fixed Gear Riding in Boulder – Part I


This last year I sold my fixed gear to a guy who nearly killed himself while test riding it. DUDE, its a fixed gear bike! This will be the first season in about 15 years where I didn’t train on a fixie during the early season. I recommend every serious cyclist try fix gear riding for at least a month in the pre season and see what you think. For me, I like fixed gear riding because…

  • Cheap bike, fewer parts. I never clean it, except once in the summer. You never need to, just keep the chain lubed and you are good to go. Especially nice when the roads are so bad out.
  • Stay Warmer. I rode a 42×16 which under normal winds and road conditions meant you were really spinning at a slower speed than you would normally be going on the road. That effort would produce greater efforts at slower speeds, hence staying warmer.
  • Improve/Increase pedal cadence. Over the season most riders tend to push a bigger gear so hoping on the fixie can help reverse that trend. I typically road at around 100-110 rpm.
  • Good throttle for LSD ridesChances are you will be less temped to “hammer” if you are on a fixe unless you like riding at 150rpm.
  • Fun. Ya, I can’t explain that one.

So this year I’m trying out a single speed free wheeler, SSCX to be exact. Most of my riding will most likely be on gravel roads and light trails, should be interesting, so far my one ride was not at all what I was expecting but I’ll give it time.

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