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The miter shop employee is responsible for the frame building process, which entails fixture setup, mitering, bending, tube shaping, etc. to generate complete frames and other components to the level of completion to move onto the next step, welding. The potential employee needs to be able to adhere to Moots’ production schedule, maintain Moots’ level of quality, and have a safe, smart, and efficient work ethic.

Skills Required
 Experience operating vertical and horizontal mill, lathes, press, and other industrial machines.
 Know how to use calipers, protractors, and other measuring devices for quality control and setup.
 Understand speeds and feeds to ensure tool longevity and proper cutting technique.
 Ideally has some experience with how a bicycle frame is made.
 Ability to read CAD drawings and use shop math to setup and layout tooling to perform required cuts.

Job Responsibilities and Duties
 Perform manual machining operations on vertical and horizontal mills.
 Operate machines and be able to repeat multiple cuts routinely.
 Setup fixture and tooling for different parts of the frame building process.
 Handle material; check in new material, carry material up and down a ladder, able to lift 100lbs, maintain inventory, and treat the material as a finished product.
 Physical ability to be able to bend and squish tubing manually.

 Being able to overcome problems and the ability to think on the fly is a plus.
 Having an eye for detail and keeping Moots’ quality standards in mind.
 A self starter who can plan and schedule their day to be as efficient as possible.
 Routine work is needed; this is a production level job that will require doing the same task numerous times with Moots’ level quality in mind.

 We’re looking for a full time employee, willing to work forty hours a week, dayshift, Monday to Friday.
 Experience in the bicycle field is preferred, knowledge and understanding how the industry works.
 Works well with others, this is a joint venture here at Moots, it takes all of us to produce the final product.

Health, dental benefits available, accrued vacation and sick time throughout the year.

All serious inquires send e-mail to: , please no phone calls.

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