Wealth Guru Plans Dutch-Style Car-Free Bicycle-Friendly City Near Boulder, Colorado

From Forbes.com
By Carlton Reid

Visualization for the new city of Cyclocroft, Colorado.B4PLACE

Wealth guru Pete Adeney has teamed up with a Netherlands-based urban design consultancy to float the idea of a planned community in Colorado that would be car-free and bicycle-friendly. Situated between Longmont and Boulder, the proposed community – provisionally known as Cyclocroft – could be built in a one-square-mile plot, and become home to 50,000 people.

“In very rare instances, developers have done planned communities, but they still stuck to the conventional Cars Allowed Everywhere model, which keeps the costs high,” said Adeney, who blogs as “Mr. Money Mustache.”

He enthused: “It’s not until you get bold enough to take away these security blankets and really get people to commit to a new idea – including parking lots only at the edge of the one-mile city – that you will see a significantly different place spring up.”

Adeney, a Canadian, is working on the concept with Amsterdam-based B4place, a property development agency run by Americans Tara Ross and John Giusto.

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