Tom Miller, Endurance Cyclist Extraordinaire, Lucky to be Alive–His Story

Throughout the summer of 2020, Tom Miller had noticed something wasn’t right with riding. He rides bikes–a lot, like over 10,000 miles per year. As a member of the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) he participates in their triple crown quest–three major rides such as Denver to Aspen in one day. He rides a lot indoors and tracks every pedal stroke and every heart beat. He knows his body and expected performance well. He is in shape. He played college football. He understands fatigue and training so what was happening these past couple of months was bizarre.

While riding, he was getting dropped by the group on climbs he would normally would not have. When he pushed hard he felt incredibly fatigued. He chalked it up to just being a little out of shape, a few pounds heavier, age, or lack of recovery from some huge rides earlier in the Summer. He kept riding. He kept thinking of reasons why he wasn’t at the top of his game. Finally, his good friend Mark Lowe demanded Tom go to the ER after a bike ride they did in Steamboat. Tom, being stubborn insisted he didn’t need to go. Mark, a P.A. at Denver Health, a member of RMCC and one of the strongest riders in Colorado persisted. Tom relented and that trip to the ER probably saved his life.

He was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism. Learn more about Tom, his story, and how he plans to deal with PE and not knowing what caused it and how a brush with something so fatal has changed his perspective.

Tom likes pay phones and has pictures made into tiles!

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  1. Leslie Viente

    Tom, Thank you for sharing your story. I had my first PE diagnosed over 10 years ago. At that time, I was in a similar situation and the doctors had no idea what was going on. I ended up in the ER with shoulder and arm pain, which was the clot breaking off. A PA suggested getting the D Dimer to rule out clots and that came back positive. I was on blood thinners for a year and then was let loose. A year ago, I had my second clot. I was riding and experiencing shortness of breath like earlier. I am now on blood thinners for life. I would love to talk and answer any non-medical questions.

    Bill, we’ve met a few times. I ride with WR4.


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