Time To Tri Virtual Triathlon, Still Jump In!

The past weekend The Time To Tri Virtual Triathlon kicked off and there is still time to catch up. Here are some details on the program and how to start,

The #DreamingSeason Time to Tri Virtual Triathlon starts Friday Jan. 31! Click the green “Join Challenge” button below to get started.

This FREE and convenient triathlon allows you to be a triathlete on your own time at your own pace. 

Indoors or outside. Day or night. On a stationary bike and a treadmill or on a trail. All at once or broken into one leg per day. You decide. That’s the beauty of virtual racing – swim, bike and run where you want and when you want. 

Regardless of your familiarity with triathlon or your fitness level, anyone can participate in the #DreamingSeason Time to Tri Virtual Triathlon.

Sprint Triathlon distances:

  • Swim: 500 meters
  • Bike: 20 kilometers
  • Run: 5 kilometers


About the #DreamingSeason Time to Tri Virtual Triathlon

The FREE #DreamingSeason Time to Tri Virtual Triathlon is an entirely online swim, bike and run event that allows you to seamlessly sync your workout devices to the #DreamingSeason Time to Tri Virtual Triathlon results and leaderboard. Virtual triathlon allows for anyone — with any level of experience — to compete in a triathlon at their own pace.

What is a virtual triathlon?

Athletes have the convenience of swimming, biking and running the distance of a sprint triathlon on their own schedule anywhere in the world — indoors or outside. Do the distance all at once like a traditional triathlon or break it into one leg per day. The beauty of a virtual triathlon is the flexibility.

Who is virtual triathlon for?

Anyone! Whether you’re looking to do your first triathlon or have done hundreds, anyone can participate. To be considered a finisher, you simply need to complete the required distance for swimming, cycling and running before the end of the event.

Where should I participate?

Wherever you can safely swim, bike and run! Swim in a pool or open water. Ride on the trainer or outdoors. Run on a treadmill, track or trail. As long as you can measure your time and distance via a smartwatch, GPS-enabled device or phone, you can sync to the Time to Tri Virtual Triathlon platform.

What equipment do I need?

A GPS-enabled device, phone or smartwatch to record your workout is encouraged, but you do not have to have a tracking device. Basic swim, bike and run gear or access to a stationary bike, pool or treadmill is all you really need to participate. Visit mytimetotri.com/gear-checklist to learn more about triathlon equipment. You can link compatible devices to your Time to Tri Virtual Triathlon profile and it will track and upload for you. The platform supports Apple Health, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin devices and more! Learn more about how to connect your device and if it is compatible at https://www.fitrankings.com/connect.


None. This virtual triathlon is 100% free!

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