Product Review: Elite Tri Box

By Bill Plock

The Elite Tri Box certainly keeps things organized and makes for a neat and tidy transition area. Like many people, I am not so great at reading instructions or seeking the latest You Tube video on how to assemble or use just about anything. My girlfriend Shannon has used the Tri Box for two races so I have seen it in action–and it’s pretty slick! She is brand new to triathlon and it seemed the box helped her feel organized and lower the stress level of transitions–which if a product can lower stress levels in a triathlon, that is worth a lot right there!

As a more seasoned triathlete I decided to take a closer look at the Tri Box. The video shows me working through using it for a possible upcoming race. I have a couple of different tri bags that I have used over the years and until now I pretty much looked at them as a nifty way to hold my gear in a sort of organized fashion and make carrying my gear from the parking lot to the transition area as easy as possible while pushing a bike and holding a cup of coffee.

I will say, the Tri Box can help someone, including myself, have a smoother and hopefully faster transition. The way the box compartmentalizes items, lays out a transition area with a solid box to toss used gear in and with its fold out T1 and T2 system, the transition is simply easier.

I think the box also acts as a good “tool chest” for everyday use and is great travel bag if you want to do some training on road trips. About my only knock on it is the serendiptious elastic rope on the top that is supposed to secure the helmet–I think. It’s kind of tricky to use. See the video for more details and/or go to Elites product page HERE

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