Local Triathlon Event Coordinator Loses Legs in Car Accident

craigCraig Towler, Event Coordinator for BBSC Endurance Events suffered the loss of his legs:
From the Daily Camera

The driver of a gray Subaru WRX is accused of smashing into a black SUV, which then was pushed into a sliver SUV, on Monday in the 3300 block of East Aurora Avenue in Boulder. The legs of a man standing between the two SUVs were amputated in the crash.
The crash occurred at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the 3300 block of Aurora Avenue. According to an arrest affidavit, a gray Subaru WRX sedan driven by Gottschling crashed into a parked black SUV at about 40 mph, pushing it about 12 feet into another parked SUV.
The teen driver accused of causing a three-car crash that amputated the legs of a man caught standing between two SUVs may have been texting at the time and under the influence of drugs, Boulder’s district attorney said Tuesday.
The victim — identified in the affidavit as Craig Towler — was unloading items from his vehicle when he was caught between the two SUVs, and suffered “amputations below the knees,” according to police.

From Craig’s Go Fund Me Page

On July 4th, 2016, after putting on the Star Spangled Splash Run at the Boulder Reservoir, Craig was tragically hit by a reckless vehicle, suffering life threatening and altering injuries to his lower extremities. He was pinned between two vehicles and his legs took all of the impact. While he was conscious, Craig found the heroic strength to instruct his roommates and neighbors to lower him to the ground and use belts to tourniquet his legs. Doctors later said that he saved his own life and that he is a man of incredible strength and will. Fortunately, Craig will survive, but without the use of his legs.
Craig is an event coordinator and timer for BBSC Endurance Sports and Your Cause Sports. He dedicates his life to promoting health, fitness, charity and helping others. He is known by others as one of the most selfless and influencial individuals alive.

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