303Radio Interview with Ken Miner of Haibike



Please listen in as Ken Miner, general manager of Haibike discusses how they worked with Luis Benitez, director of Colorado’s Outdoor Recreation Industry office to relocate Haibike from Southern California. Also Ken discusses the current regulations regarding e-bikes, and working with local agencies and advocates to maintain safe access to trails and paths and help everyone understand the different types of e-bikes and how they operate. Also we discuss the culture of e-bikes, how it is in Europe where it is wildly popular and how he sees the trends developing in the United States.




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3 thoughts on “303Radio Interview with Ken Miner of Haibike

  1. Meanwhile, Ken tells his dealers where they can ride and where they can’t, even though he is mistaken about ebike access, and for someone who is in charge of Ebike sales in the US, he is stifling the growth himself by listening to ad hoc and non sanctioned groups.

  2. They still need do do a lot of work on E-Bike access. They mentioned using E-Bikes around ski resorts.

    The Town of Breckenridge bans E-Bikes on their bikes paths. They have signs in the bike paths saying No Motorized Vehicles or E-Bikes.. So no bike shops rent them. This is in a major tourist area, Summit County.

  3. Welcome to Colorado Haibike, as a 61+ year old that has spent most of my life peddling bikes my knees have taken a toll and really have backed off riding and when I do my knees let me know. I first rode a E-bike some 30+ years ago to try, it was nothing more then a metro bike in it’s infancy and knew someday it would have potential. Now many years later I find myself in need of such a bike and prefer to stay off roads due to too many times being hit and purposely run off the road by people that thinks its funny and actually caught one of these people that had three kids in his pickup. He didn’t think it was so funny when I called 911 and was face to face with a State Patrol man that was also a cyclist. I have stopped at many cycle shops and been looking at e-bikes and the majority of bikes are made in China and not saying that’s bad but we all know its all about money over quality. We have always seen quality products come from Germany and when I found out Haibike being produced there that was the plus that made me pull the trigger and placed my order and hope to have it in a couple weeks.

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