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High School Cycling: Made for Kids but Awesome Enough for All of Us.

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Author, Cheri Felix rides Fruita

I threw a lot of balls around when I was a kid. I played volleyball, basketball, tennis, softball, baseball and when I wasn’t doing those things I played a mean game of dodge ball. If there’s one thing kids have now that I wish I had when I was a kid it’s a mountain bike team. It’s unique. It’s supportive and nurturing and I couldn’t say it any better than Emma Vigers one of our team captains for Boulder High; “The mountain bike team is really what made high school bearable for me. It is such a good community of people and it gives riders a lifelong way to have fun and stay fit. The races are especially inspiring because people cheer for everyone, not just those on their team.”

Boulder High has the largest team in the state. This year the roster was at about 52. That’s a lot of kids on bikes. The very cool thing about Boulder High is that part of our motto (if we have one) is any rider, any speed. And so yes you will find the fast kids that you might expect to find but you’ll also find the kids that haven’t been on a mountain bike “since they were kids.” And you will find the kids who have the bike you wish you had but for the most part the kids either have regular bikes or they have to borrow one. And at the end of the day I always say it’s what you do on the bike that matters not what kind of bike you ride.

First monthly show with the Cyclist Lawyer - Megan Hottman

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Last night, George Thomas of Over the Top Radio/303Cycling did his first show of a monthly series he will have with Megan. Megan has been a guest on 303cycling in the past providing useful information on Who picks up the tab in a Bike Accident and What to do if you are in a Bike Accident. We also partnered with he to produce the very helpful Colorado Bike Accident Cards

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Boulder High takes the win at Colorado High School MTB Championships

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Last weekend Colorado High School MTB held their State Championships in Fruita. MounainFlyer covered the event as highlighted below. While the final race was won by Fairview the overall Championship victory went to Boulder High. This is because in High School MTB they award the championship victory to the series winner, not to who wins the final race.

Attendance Over 1 Million for the Second Annual USA Pro Challenge. Race Brings an Estimated $99.6 Million in Economic Impact to the State of Colorado

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Denver (Oct. 18, 2012) – The 2012 USA Pro Challenge, the toughest professional cycling race in the U.S., reached attendance numbers of more than 1 million over the course of seven days, Aug. 20-26, as fans turned out to watch the action-packed, heart-pounding racing. After traveling to 12 towns for the official stage starts and finishes, and passing through many other notable cities along the way, the estimated economic impact of the race to the State of Colorado is $99.6 million, according to a study done by IFM North America, a global sports research firm.

See the 2011 Economic Report from the USAPCC

With a lead change nearly every day, one of the closest professional races in U.S. history came down to the final moments of the Individual Time Trial in Denver, with American Christian Vande Velde of Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda taking home the overall win. The race received unprecedented coverage highlighting the beautiful terrain of the state that totaled 31 hours on NBC and NBC Sports Network in the U.S. and was broadcast internationally to 175 countries and territories around the world.

Road Rager harasses cyclists on Broadway in Boulder

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According to a reader the driver of the truck below was seen harrassing cyclists on Broadway, honking, yelling slowing down and driving next to them. It all started near the intersection of Alpine and Broadway and as he traveled north harassed any cyclists in his path until the stopped in North Boulder for gas. Picture of the truck can be seen below (Texas plates). The reader also snapped a photo of the driver (not sure if we can post that) but he looks to be a male in his 40's

Dopers Suck, Did Tejay Win & Danielson's Guilt

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Will Dopers Suck sale out today?

Surprised anyone? What piece of information impacts you the most? Will the spot light move now to Amateur cycling and finish what matters to you most or is the whole discussion going to move on and end.

Next up, does that mean Tejay won this years USA Pro Challenge?

Lastly, words from local star, Tom Danielson on his drug use, from the Daily Camera

"Along the road to following my dream, I've had several ups and downs, but I stuck with it because I love the sport," Danielson said in the statement. "I never set out thinking I would cross a line. I set out simply wanting to compete, to race my bike and do what I love. And that is exactly what I did, clean.


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