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Sure wish that this site or better yet, the actual Boulder Indoor Cycling site would update with new comprehinsive photos of the latest developements there... Both shots of the track as well as the MTB stuff..... This is the time to capitalize on the excitement that exists.....

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Open Riding Part II

I was at the velodrome today doing an open ride and it was a great workout. A couple things that i wanted to comment on were the number of riders doing the open ride and the large discrepancy in abilities.

The track is not that big and there were I think 12 people on the track. There were not any accidents but 12 riders is alot. I think they should limit the number of riders that do an open ride.

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Tips for riding at speed

I've been on the track quite a few times and am feeling very comfortable with it, that is until I really start to haul ass. It seems that my terminal velocity for the track is slower than my max speed, meaning I can't seem to handle max speed on the track at the moment. Here are my problems (and assumed problems)

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Where will the next track go?

It's back to the old days of rumor mills about construction of velodromes... Here is what I have heard.

- From a very good source the Broomfield velodrome is the most likely of a second velodrome in the Denver area. Rumor has it that the money has already been allocated and construction starts this spring however NO ONE at the development company will return emails or phone calls to verify.

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Open Riding

Has anyone done an Open Riding session? I have done 2 and they were very different. The first one there were only 3 total riders. It was casual and a great workout. The second session there were around 10 guys riding. A couple of the guys wanted there laps to be timed and I thought it was a little much for an open ride session.

I think the velodrome needs to set some clear rules for these hour sessions. The other thing that was bothersome to me was that both sessions started about 5-10 minutes late because the group before the session was not escorted off the track.

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