A case study on cyclists’ positioning at intersections with turn lanes

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We learned of a cycling case currently pending in Denver County Traffic Court, and it has us all scratching our heads here at 303cycling…

A few months ago, a cyclist was hit and injured near the intersection of East Tufts and DTC Blvd in Denver.

Denver Zoo employee hits Commuting Milestone

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Today is an exciting day for Matt Lenyo, a Denver Zoo staff member who is celebrating an exciting milestone – July 1 marks his one year commitment to ditch his car for his daily commute to work. Matt was selected to be the champion for the Wild Ride Team, a group of Denver Zoo staff committed to reducing their reliance on single occupancy vehicles for their daily commute.

National Bike Challenge starts May 1st!

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This year The League of American Bicyclists are heading up summer long ride your bike challenge. For many cyclists in Colorado it's hardly a challenge to get us to ride our bikes for recreation but maybe some/many of us should consider using that bike for more than just exercise! Either way, it's fun way to monitor your rides and maybe even win some prizes in the end.


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