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Bike Accident in Colorado Springs

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Update from this story, driver gets 8 years prison for death of cyclist


The below death is not related to the above story...How many bike fatalities has Colorado springs had?

Previous information on story
Two riders were killed in Colorado Springs Wednesday night. The two that were killed both worked at Colorado Cyclist and were out on a small group ride. Here are two articles describing what happened

Looking for folks who have lived in bike friendly towns

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I'm doing a comparison of Boulder to other cycling friendly towns like...

  • Davis CA
  • Portland OR
  • Seattle
  • Madison WI
  • Tucson AZ

So if you have lived in these places drop me a line saying why or why not is that community a cycling friendly town and how you think it is different than Boulder or Denver.

Here is a list of bike friendly cities according to the League of American Bicyclist


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