Results from Bike to work Month are in

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The results from Boulder's Bike to work day are in here is what the Director of Bike to work Month in Boulder had to say below.

Thanks everyone (riders, volunteers, sponsors, city officials, and everyone else) for your support and participation in the 2009 edition of Boulder’s Walk & Bike Month. We totaled 7,137 sign-ups for Bike to Work Day, a great turnout, including 1,670 new-timers. The total number of car miles saved (including telecommuting, carpooling, walking, biking and busing) was 144,759, and 322 Boulder County companies participated.

Congratulations to Patti Bonnet and Steve Nepi, winners of two Electra Cruisers raffled off by Pedal to Properties at the Boulder Theater during our Bike Shorts Film Fest.

Prize winners have been determined for Bike to Work Day participants and anyone who played BINGO and Park(ing) Spaces. BTWD prizes will be announced on July 10. Find out if you won!

Park(ing) Spaces and BINGO prize winners will be announced by July 13. You should receive an email if you won a prize, but you can also check online to see if you won after July 13.

Also available July 10, the business challenge winners will be announced on the business challenge page.

Longmont criterium - best kids race in Colorado!

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The Sunday, July 12th is Longmont's 23rd annual downtown criterium. The course was formerly the Colorado State Cycling Championships which was a slightly bigger course running down mainstreet. Still a fantastic course today especially as it winds by Thompson park allowing families a wonderful spot to have a picnic and watch the race. Additionally the Longmont crit was one of Colorado's best kids race (with Denver's city park crit being pretty good too).

Trees vs. Bike Path near 30th street in Boulder

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There has been a silent battle brewing for the past month or so when the city announced it had plans to cut down a bunch of trees to make way for a new bike path. At the time of the news it wasn't very clear which trees on 30th street they were talking about but now thanks to a Save the Trees 2121 and a recent article at the daily camera it is much more clear. It appears that a bike path is planned to run along the ditch that runs behind Target and on to 30th street and under it is being planned (see photo below). This means many of the existing trees will get chopped.

The current land owner is worried that she will lose a friend and the magic of her land which the city is willing to pay for (not sure if it will cover friendship or the magic part). Another complaint is that the proposed trail will go no where, simply under 30th street and that's it. City officials are claiming this is part of a larger plan that will extend to the new train depot... but no plans are currently public.

Tour Divide Race: Q & A With Singlespeeder Chris Plesko

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Outside Magazine has done a great interview with local Tour Divide rider Chris Plesko.

Most riders are either off the course or will be finishing the 2009 Tour Divide race soon. Despite the phantasmagorical weather this year, most records fell—an interesting portent for the evolution of self-supported Continental Divide racing. Alaskan Jill Homer broke the female record with a time of 24 days, 7 hours and 24 minutes. Jay and Tracey “T-Race” Petervary set a tandem (that’s right) record of 18:13:44. And 27-year-old engineer-turned-teacher Chris Plesko blew the asterisks off the single speed record in the 2009 Tour Divide with a time of nineteen days and sixteen minutes. He spun his Vassago 29er through unprecedented bad weather. I caught up with him just after he returned home to Colorado.

JB: How the hell did you keep up with the chase group for most of the race? They had gears (in case you didn't notice).

CP: The first part of the race course is quite singlespeed friendly. It's got loads of climbing and not too many long, gradual downhills which are my nemesis from the perspective of racing with the geared guys heads up. I geared really big (for me) at 32x17 but I knew from training in the mountains above Boulder with a 32x16 that I could push

BMA Girls getting dirty at the pump track tomorrow

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Photo from BMA Girls website

The BMA (Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance) Girls Mountain Bike Ride is having this Thursday's ride out at the Lyons Outdoor Bike Park. Whether your are a beginner or pro all are welcome and you don't even have to be a member of BMA but you do need to be a woman, sorry guys. Every week the BMA Girls Mountain Bike group have rides covering all different types of mountain trails in the local area. Riding as a group can be extremely helpful for the newbie to cycling and just simply fun, meeting other women with similar interest can create friendships that often can outlast relationships with the opposite sex. Want more information, check out their website and look at their more recent schedule listed below.
July 9th ride details

New single track around Boulder Reservoir

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Looks like the good folks at Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance are working with the city parks department to create a new single track that will go around the rez. To make this even better is that Open Space is not part of the discussion because this is on city land which means.... this trail could have races on it!! If you are interested in see this happen then please attend the meeting July 13th, see below.

The Boulder Parks and Recreation Department is revisiting its master plan for Boulder Reservoir. We'd like to see a proper trail network circumnavigating the reservoir for mountain bike racing, cross country running races, triathlons, and to give us all one more place to play. Don't forget that this area ties into the Boulder Valley Ranch trails. Unlike the Open Space Department, which bans competetive events on all Open Space Lands, this area could and does host races because it is run by the Parks Department. Please comment on line here. Tell them that you'd like to see an "well-designed natural surface trail network" circumnavigating the reservoir. Personalize your comment as you'd see fit, but if you do not have time, simply cut and paste the following sentence into the on line comment form:

Summer Fun on a Cruiser Bike

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Looking for a break from the commute, training or whatever cycling routine you have? Join the Denver Cruisers or the super secret Boulder Cruisers on a night of summer fun on two wheels. Both groups ride weekly and each week each group has a different theme, this week the Denver group is doing Hawaiian Laua and the Boulder group is involved.

The Denver group meets at the Gin Mill at 2041 Larimer Street at 6:30 and the Boulder group... well they don't like to make that information public but it shouldn't be hard finding girls wrapped in bubble wrap riding around downtown. The Boulder Group gets out Thursday evenings and their start time is also a mystery.... Hey if someone could crack this mystery please post a comment to this story! The Denver group has the entire summer's ride themes already down, here are the themes for July

  • July 15th, Saints and Sinners
  • July 22nd, Superheros and Villians
  • July 29th, Christmas in July

For those considering joining either of these groups please respectful and follow the rides rules. It is largely because many in the past saw this as a boozer ride and worse yet, a critical mass the Boulder group has gone underground with their information... however I think it is time the ride goes back to the people!

City to Spend Stimulus Funds on Bike Lanes

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From the 9News website:

DENVER - People choose where they live for many reasons. For Sharon Madison, it's about the outdoors. She loves to spend countless hours on her bicycle. She says she spends 250 to 300 miles a week on her bike.

"It is the way of life, that's why it's great to live here," Madison said.

The city of Denver wants more people to bike, maybe not as hardcore as Madison, but simply to use something other than their cars to get places.

One point four percent of Denver already uses the bike to commute, according to city officials.

"We would really like to increase that number and beyond that commute trip make it so that a 7-year-old on a their way to school feels safe riding their bike or a senior citizen that would maybe take their car a few blocks to the library to get that new library book is comfortable on their bike," said Emily Kreisa, the bicycle planner recently hired by the city.

David Wiens - Mountain Biking in Leadville and Beyond

Marathon legend, David Wiens, will speak at REI in Boulder tomorrow on racing the Leadville 100 and Beyond. Don't miss it, Dave is an ultra nice guy!

Join Ergon and REI for a sit down discussion with Topeak-Ergon team rider, Dave Wiens. He will discuss everything from winning the Leadville 100 to living in Gunnison, CO and raising 3 boys with his wife Susan. Come take this opportunity to listen to one of the greatest American mountain bikers of all time. The evening will be lead as an open discussion so bring your questions!


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