Chrome - Pawn RollTop Pack Review

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I love commuting to work on my bike and have always used a messenger bag to carry my stuff (i.e. clothes, shoes, lunch, laptop etc.). It's either old age or the amount of stuff I need to carry but the messenger bag tweaks my back, shoulder, neck etc. I decided to give a backpack a try to alleviate the stress on my body.

I gave the Chrome - Pawn RollTop Pack a try. Chrome describes the pack as Our most compact, all purpose pack with a seam-sealed, roll-tight, waterproof compartment (beer cooler). Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life

When I first took the backpack out of the box I was very impressed. The bag is designed for commuting and keeping what ever you are transporting safe and dry. From the thick Codura outer shell to the rubberized waterproof main chamber to the waterproof zippers to name a few. There are other little design details that really make the bag stand out.

My commute is 15 miles each way and the bag has functioned perfectly. It is very stable on my back even with all the stuff in my bag (i.e. change of clothes, Mac Book Pro, shoes, lunch etc.).

The last thing I want to say about the bag is that it can keep you organized. I know with my old messenger bag it was bottomless pit with one very large compartment. This pack has one larger compartment and a few smaller ones which I really loved.

From more information about Chrome products check out their website.


  • Weight: 3.7 lb.
  • Fabric: 1000 denier Cordura outer shell, 18 oz. seam-sealed truck tarp liner
  • Flat Dimensions: 18” wide, 19” high, 6” deep
  • Features
    • Weatherproof 1,000 denier Cordura outer backpack
    • Fully waterproof seam-sealed main chamber
    • Watertight rolltop closure
    • Laser-cut unbreakable stainless steel hardware
    • Weatherproof urethane coated YKK zippers
    • External wet-dry pockets
    • Haul loop handle and daisy chain lash points

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Foothills Highway closed north of Boulder for cyclists hit by vehicle

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Is Highway 36 north of Boulder becoming too dangerous to ride?

From the Daily Camera:

Foothills Highway closed north of Boulder for cyclists hit by vehicle

Camera staff
Posted: 09/08/2011 09:07:39 AM MDT

Emergency crews are responding to a report of two cyclists struck by a vehicle near Nebo Road and North Foothills Highway north of Boulder.

"We were just going out for a nice morning bike ride," she said. "We were riding a road that is very popular with cyclists, and we were all in single file, well within the right shoulder.

"All of a sudden this black car swerved from behind another car and hit us head-on," she said. "There wasn't any time to react. The car just flew out of nowhere."

Complete Article

From 9news

Car hits 3 cyclists, crash closes U.S. 36

BOULDER COUNTY - Two people were transported to Denver Health after a crash between a vehicle and two cyclists on U.S. 36 in Boulder County.

According to Boulder County dispatch, one of the victims was taken by helicopter to the hospital.

Colorado State Patrol is investigating the wreck.

Volunteer Outreach for Colorado High School Cycling League

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From email blast from the Coloroado High School Cycling League

Dear Colorado League Family & Friends,

The 2011 Colorado High School Cycling League race series opener is rapidly approaching. The first show down is the weekend of September 17-18 at Nathrop at the McMurry Ranch.

This series could not be pulled off without the hard work and dedication of our incredible volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities to join the action for a few fun weekends and assist with providing a high quality, safe racing experience. There are many positions to be filled and definitely something for everyone.

Please go to here for a complete listing of positions. Find the job that best suits you. Volunteer positions are available on both Saturday and Sunday of every race weekend.

If you'd like to volunteer Saturday or Sunday please sign up here.

2011 Race Weekend Dates:

Sept. 17-18: McMurry Ranch, Nathrop
Oct. 1-2: Location TBA
Oct. 15-16: Peaceful Valley Scout Camp, Elbert
Oct. 29-30: State Championships: Ridgeline, Castle Rock

Happy Birthday - 303Cycling Turns 4!

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Founder, Kris Thompson

To celebrate our 4th year as Colorado's #1 cycling news source we thought our readers might like to know a little more about us:  why we started, who we are and where we're going for year five.  It's time you learned more about Kris Thompson, meet David Kutcipal and our newest team members Brian Patrick and Ben Welnak.  Thank you for your support and Happy 4th Birthday 303Cycling!

Q: What was the impetus for starting 303Cycling?
Kris: I had been involved with online news for years prior to 303Cycling through the software industry as an author of many articles on web technologies in my niche market as a web frameworks specialist.  But writing online for other geeks was not very rewarding personally, so I switched to something closer to my passion, cycling!  

Q: What was that first year like for you?
Kris: Crickets!  A good day we would get about 40 visitors to our site, compared to today when 2000 visits is typical.  Also, I spent a great deal of time tracking down the news, finding out the news sources, making the contacts, following their online presence, etc.   

Q: What is the most unexpected experience you've had with 303Cycling?
Kris: My memory is terrible but I'm certain of at least two. I remember I was scheduled to interview a very high profile cycling character and I was so excited about the meeting but it was a complete disaster. The person was in a "recreational sedated state" and the conversation flew wilder than a kite on a spring day.  Sadly enough I've never published the interview.

Another has to be the amazing photo set that David captured at this year's Mead Roubaix!

Q: What are day to day operations like at 303Cycling?
Kris: Do you remember the Dunkin Donuts commercial from the 80's?  It's a lot like that for me, wake up around 5am and review all of the possible news items I have and get to posting.  I eventually have to cut it off due to the day job but try throughout the day to deal with emails.  Then after work and after my kids are in bed it's back at it, finding the news, communicating with other 303Cycling members and maybe even posting if I have the time and energy.

Q: Where do you see year 5 taking the organization?
Kris: Diversity and professionalism!  I've been working hard this year at trying to have a more diverse content base, I want 303Cycling to cover ALL aspects of cycling in the Denver/Boulder region. This means more commuter news, advocacy, mountain biking, and local company highlights. 

Our followers should see a higher level of professionalism in our work in year 5 as we now have a paid writer to help with our content, giving it more flow, grammar and body.  Hopefully with this extra help David and I can spend more time doing what we do best, being geeks, and making some software/feature improvements to the site.

Year 5 hopefully will see a redesign.  Not my highest priority but we want to move away from the "bloggish" look to more of a news media layout and feel.

David Kutcipal - Photo Credit: SportifImages

I also want to add that although at least one of my colleagues likes to fly under the radar - I do NOT do this alone.  For example, David Kutcipal is actually my partner in the site although very few people know this.  David and I had been colleagues and friends for many years, well before he was into racing, and it was during the first year of 303Cycling that we connected.  He was constantly sending me emails with the subject line, "Did you hear?"  And we ran with it.

Q: What did you think when Kris first approached you?
David: I wasn't really sure what to think.  I was very excited about helping out but wasn't really sure how I could contribute.  Kris did the writing and I started by taking over the calendar.  It was kind of addicting to make sure we had EVERY cycling event out there included.  But I really had no idea what i was getting into or where it would take us.  4 years later and many hours tinkering on the site, I am really happy he did.

Q: How has your photography grown since joining 303Cycling?
David: I was just getting into photography when I started with 303Cycling and the site has not only given me a reason to get out and shoot more but a perfect venue to show some of my work. Photography has since become a true passion of mine, if I'm not on my bike racing, I'm behind my camera taking pictures, especially during cross season. Kris and I also work hard to promote all local cycling photographers. Keeps everyone on their toes.

Q: What is the most unexpected experience you've had with 303Cycling?
David: Lately, unexpected things happen all the time. They range from being able to get photo credentials for big races and being in a position to get those finish line shots or being on the radar of a European marketing firm. It felt pretty good, after their ad campaign was finished, to be asked if 303Cycling would be at EuroBike this year.

Q:What are your thoughts on year 5?
David: It is really amazing where we are now.  Year 5?  Good question. When I look at our year over year growth in viewership, I really don't think we have reached our potential.  I want to fill the gaps within the cycling community that Kris mentioned above and to do so we simply need to cover them better and ultimately connect more people and make the 303Cycling community even stronger.

Other Team members, Brian Patrick and Ben Welnak

8 miles an hour for cyclist in crosswalks proposed

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Press Release

As the University of Colorado prepares for another academic year, Boulder transportation officials are considering several changes to protect pedestrians and bicyclists. Specifically, three proposals that build upon existing laws are under review.

Officials first proposed a speed limit for bicyclists entering a crosswalk. Bicyclists would be required to slow down as they approach and travel through an intersection. Testing groups found that speeds of 8 miles per hour would give drivers a chance to see bicyclists and yield in a safe manner. Currently, the city code requires bicyclists to enter intersections "at a speed no greater than an ordinary walk." The new proposal would clarify the expectation for bicyclists and drivers alike. The city's Transportation Advisory Board has already approved this plan.

A second proposal would require bicyclists and pedestrians to push a button that activates flashing lights at specific intersections. Activating the lights is currently optional, and the new ordinance would not change a driver's duty to yield to pedestrians. Last spring, the University and city officials spent nearly $98,000 to install a High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (nicknamed HAWK), at a busy crossing on Regent Drive, just south of Colorado Avenue. The crossing system connects the CU Engineering Center with the Regent Drive Autoplex.

ARTCRANK brings out the best in Denver’s bike scene and creative culture.

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If there’s such thing as a pop culture power couple, Tran and Josh Wills are Denver’s leading contenders. Together, they’ve channeled their imaginations, instincts and energy into creative start-ups ranging from a fashion boutique showcasing local talent (The Fabric Lab) to a hip b&b for Denver visitors eager to depart from the beaten tourist path (Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast). They’ve also found time to open their own gallery — Super Ordinary —which will play host to the 2011 edition of ARTCRANK Denver, a poster show featuring affordable artwork created by local artists and designers.

This year’s ARTCRANK Denver will feature the work of 30 artists, with a mix of returning show veterans and new talent. The show will open on Friday, September 2 at 6:00pm at Super Ordinary, and also include a Saturday showing from noon until 6:00pm. Admission is free, and limited edition prints of all posters will be sold for $40 on both days.


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