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There are more details on the league racing. It is a little confusing because at the top of the page they talk about Cat 1,2,3 and 4 but the schedule does not use this nomenclature. The schedule uses Open, A and B. Whats the difference between Open and A?

I am interested in whats the max number in say a tempo race? They do have an individual time trial.

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3 v 3 TTT at 6K / 130 Meters

3 v 3 TTT at 6K / 130 Meters Per Lap ~ 46 Laps. Could be lots of passing going on. That would be pretty interesting as the team being passed will still be rotating off in the turns with the passing team trying to pass on the Blue line at + 10% difference in track length.

3K ~ 23 Laps - hope they have a good lap counter!

I take it that chip timer will be required?
Will dropped riders be required to stay on the track up high?
I'll wait and watch the Men's A races before venturing out in a mass start B race...


Those are good questions. How about the 4v4 TTT 4K? Could be just as crazy with two additional people on the track.

I was also wondering about the chip timing. If you don't have a chip do they let you borrow one as part of the racing fee?

I was also curious about the dropped rider. It could be extremely challenging to get off the track and potentially dangerous for the rider to be riding so slowly even if high up on the track.

I am going to stop by the track after work and ask some questions.

Question Answered

Stopped by the velodrome after work today to ask a few questions. It looks like they are going to limit points, snowball, tempo etc to 10 racers. It seems like the numbers aren't quite what they thought but I think a lot of people are sitting out the first racing session. There is a discount if you sign up for multiple races.

hopefully folks sign up for

hopefully folks sign up for the races - I figure if more people sign up we have a better chance of future racing being a little earlier in the evening. I'm signed up for 4x4 team pursuit and B's snowball. Going to be a rough Tuesday morning at work for a while.

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