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Top 10 most popular bike rides in Boulder area

  1. Jamestown or Ward
  2. Fourmile-Poorman's (Gravel)
  3. NCAR Climb
  4. Betasso (Mountain Bike)
  5. Lookout (Golden)
  6. Flagstaff (2012 USPro Cycling Challenge Stage 6 Finish)
  7. Ward (Climber's challenge)
  8. Walker Ranch (Mountain Bike)
  9. Boulder Roubaix Route (Gravel)
  10. Boulder-Hygiene

St. Vrain Lefthand Canyon Head north out of Boulder toward Lyons. Climb the St. Vrain Canyon to the Peak to Peak Highway. Head south on the Peak to Peak and descend Lefthand Canyon through Ward. Bring some money to stop in Ward for a snack at the general store. Be prepared for drastic changes in weather when you get up on the Peak to Peak Highway!

Difficulty: Hard

Lee Hill Road via Left Hand Canyon Head north out of Boulder. Turn left up Left Hand Canyon. At the split, approximately 5 miles up the canyon, head towards Ward. In another mile turn left up Lee Hill. If when you get to the bottom of Lee Hill and you still have time take a right up Wagon Wheel Gap and explore Bow Mountain.

Difficulty: Hard

Detailed Infromation

Peak to Peak Highway Not a ride for beginners but not because this ride is hard but just hard to get to. This route travels south from Estes Park all the way down Hwy 6 to near Black Hawk. There are many ways to access this beautiful route, most common is either via Hwy 7 in Lyons or from Ward. Ward is the high point on this route so once you are there everything is nearly downhill! Suggested route is up Hwy 7 from Lyons then down Left Hand Canyon.

Famous Morgul-Bismark Route

You've seen the route on the movie American Flyers you've read about it in countless cycling history books now experience the ride your self! While the ride isn't quite as moon-scaped as in the old days due to the development of many of the surrounding areas the road is still the same. Lots of rollers with great views of the foothills. This course has probably more history than any in Colorado having been apart of the Red Zinger Classic and the Coor Classic races back in the 70's and 80's.

Difficulty: Medium

Learn more about the Morgul Bismark Bike Ride

Olde Stage Road

This is a classic ride from Boulder. If you only have about an hour and want a good climbing route this is it. From more details on the ride go here

Difficulty: Medium but at times with traffic

Boulder Roubaix Route

We have talked about it a lot on 303Cycling. It lies just north of the city limits of Boulder. Its 75% dirt, very little traffic and rolling terrain. I often try to incorporate a part of this loop into my rides. Check out the classic! Find out more about the History of the Boulder Roubaix

Difficulty: Medium

2014 Course

Boulder - Hygiene Loop
Head north out of Boulder toward Lyons. Right Hwy 66 and then right on 75th. Bring some money for a stop in Hygiene. This is 30+ miles of flat terrain. Dont want to ride on Hwy 66 take a right on Hygiene Rd about a mile before Hwy 66. If you dont have time for the whole loop you can also turn right on South St. Vrain Road or Nelson Road.

Difficulty: Easy

Highway 66 Route -
Hygiene Rd -

Fruit Loops

This is a classic ride you do after a really hard day or you want a flatter / rolling ride. Its an out an back ride than can be easily modified on the way back by going heading a little east and through the town of Hygeine.

Difficulty: Easy

Boulder Dirt Loop

Half dirt roads half pavement. This is a GREAT route if you like to explore dirt roads on your road bike. Great country roads with very little traffic.

Difficulty: Medium

Boulder Peak Triathlon Bike Course (Olde Stage Road)

This ride has a little of everything. One very difficult climb up Olde Stage Road, fast descent down Left Hand Canyon and rollers back to the Boulder Reservoir via Nelson Road and 63rd. This is a must if you are new to the area.

Difficulty: Medium

Betasso Presserve. Close by, very smooth winding trail in the foothills behind Boulder. This extremely popular trail is so popular that it is off limits on Wednesday and Saturdays, also some of the trails are one-way trails.

Where: Betasso Preserve is located 6 miles west of Boulder off Sugarloaf Road. Basically look for a right turn onto a paved road about half a mile after you pass through the one and only tunnel on Boulder Canyon.

More Information

Difficulty: Moderate

Betasso Loop from Jeff Kerkove on Vimeo.

Dowdy Draw & Marshall Mesa
Where: Great non-mountain ride in South Boulder area.

Dowdy Draw video

Difficulty: Moderate
Check out the Netcairn's Map and Description

High Plains - Greenbelt Plateau Loop
Where: Great non-mountain ride in South Boulder area.

Difficulty: Moderate
A mix of singletrack and double track but a great loop close to Boulder. More Details

Prairie Vista - Springbrook Loop
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: Located just south of Boulder this is a great mountain bike ride. Little of everything for this ride (i.e. smooth, rocks, up and downs). Lots of options to make the ride longer.

More Information

Foothil/Eagle/Sage Loop Trail
DescriptionLocated in the rolling hills near the Boulder Reservoir this trail is popular for hikers, runners and casual cyclist. While the most of the trail is smooth enough for a cross bike it is strongly considered that you use a mountain bike.

More Information

Switzerland Trail

Photo Sonya Looney

The Switzerland Trail is an the reminets of a old railroad that provided supplies to Boulder mining towns and provided others with quick tourist access to the mountains. All that is left of the 12.5 mile route is a road bed that gradually rises and falls as it winds its way North/South from Sugarloaf to Ward...more details

Picture Rock Trail

Read our page dedicated to Picture Rock Trail

Heil Trail, Wild Turkey Trail and Picture Rock Trail
Wonderful description, photos and map of these trails
More Information

Heil Ranch from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

Hall Ranch Trail
More great information on Hall Ranch

Sourdough Trail
More great information on Sourdough Trail

Walker Ranch Trail
More great information on Walker Ranch Trail

Fun around town Rides

Commuting Routes

Boulder to Denver
This reader did a nice job of finding what appears to be a safe and fun route to get from Boulder to Denver by bike. Boulder to Denver Bike commute by Kevin Cawley
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