Your kid is fat

The the Daily Camera’s Fit section today they had a depressing stat that says…

179% INCREASE in number of OVERWEIGHT adolescents from 1971 to 2004

So there is a good chance your kid is fat or the one you are practicing trying to get is going to be fatter.

And at the same time I’m finding it extremely hard for local biz to donate to my son’s “Walk and Roll” to school week!

The I randomly ran across this blog and which was about bikes and coaster brakes, bla bla but the opening paragraph was great!

If you were a kid during the seventies, you may remember the old Schwinn Stingrays–they had banana seats, and thick tires in the back for skidding. My friends and I used to ride those bikes around all summer and we were pretty hard on them. We would race them around the bumpy dirt trails of the vacant lots in the little town of Othello, Washington. We would make ramps out of boards and cinder blocks to make our bikes fly. Or we would go to the elementary school and go under the monkey bars, Then we would grab the bars and let our bikes go flying out into the lawn. The bikes were pretty much all singlespeeds with coaster brakes. I do not recall ever having a coaster brake go bad, which I think is remarkable considering the abuse they took.

Come on fatty, ride that bike!

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