You Can Never Have Too Much Primal

By Cheri Felix
Clothing options are like boyfriend options in middle school; there’s a willingness and a plethora but perhaps they’re not all a great fit. Luckily, Primal is here in Colorado. I get to see the company represented at races and events and I get an up close look at some of what they offer for women. Disclaimer: I don’t wear a lot of Lycra so there are a few things that Primal makes that I don’t need but they have GREAT lifestyle options. Some people collect stamps, friends and shoes. I collect jackets. I tried the Stella down short sleeve jacket. It’s a piece from Primal’s Happy Trails Apparel collection.

Okay, let’s start with the fact that I said “down short sleeve jacket.” I know. It’s different. But, although it’s outside of my usual box, I really like it. It’s cozy and it’s perfect for when it’s not freezing or when I just want to keep my core warm without all the extra fluff. It’s made with goose down and has two secure zippered pockets. Plus it has two pockets on the front with a cuff that can only remind me of those protective cuffs people put their hands in when they are handling radioactive material. But in a good way. They keep your hands warm and cozy. I’m looking forward to taking this jacket on a road trip into the canyons of Utah while I watch my kids climb. It will be the perfect road trip accoutrement. For fit’s sake, I chose a small. The small feels big so if you’re between a small and a medium, you may want to size down.

I’ve also been wearing the Primal Ella Hoodie. I haven’t went so far as to sleep in it (but that will happen) but I have worn it about 35 times. I have a rule with my (and my children’s clothing) clothing. I have to wear it at least 15 times in the very near future for it to have a high value and to deserve closet space. This hoodie made the cut and more. So, it’ a hoodie and the hood has a pony tail exit which is cool for those of us with long hair. It has reflective accents with are great this time of year when I often get caught in the dark. It fits like a glove (not bulky) and the color (navy) is very striking. It has quarter length zip in the front and cuff thumb holes. Why we love these so much I don’t know but we do and it makes it warm and cozy especially at the beginning of your ride or run. For fit’s sake, I’m wearing a small. It fits very well. I may have been able to wear a medium too. But the fit makes it great for layering during these cooler seasons.

Primal is local for us Coloradans (but luckily there’s a thing called the internet so you can order it whenever you want). They lovingly create and provide for the cycling community. They support the athlete in all of us; the fast, the slower, the people on the podium and the people who start in the back. They have something for all of us.

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