Women’s Wednesday: Down and Dirty with Polar Bottle

The Polar Bottle Ergo Spectrum & Zipstream™ Review
By Cheri Felix

My mom always said “One to wear, one to wash and one to rest.” She was talking about bras but it can easily be applied to water bottles. Water bottles are quite simply like friends and shots of espresso; can’t have enough. Especially with a family of five sporty humans. Polar Bottle, based here in Boulder has a new bottle design and they’ve been within my reach for the past three weeks. The bottles went to Utah and back and survived camping in the wind, three kids (one of which was sick) and the occasional drop from the open van door. They’re tough. The water bottles that is.

image2Right off the top (no pun intended) they come in great colors. Call me shallow. I don’t care but I love the vibrant colors; blue, teal, lime green, orange, bright red and charcoal. They are 22 ounces and are BPA-free and Phthalate-free which is more than a little bit comforting.

The lids have a top that seals tight and doesn’t leak and yet when you open it, it’s a fabulous stream. No sucking. Doesn’t feel like my kids sippy cups. The material is hearty and fit nicely in my bottle cage. Turn the lid just a bit and you get…well, just a little bit. Turn the top far enough to match the two water drops and you get a full throttle drink. Which I appreciate. Because I’m not messing around when I’m thirsty.

It’s easy to clean too. Super important when you are busy and can’t break from riding bikes and drinking coffee to do a proper cleanup. (Wink wink) The interior medical-grade silicon gasket comes out and goes back in quite easily. This is important. We’ve all had to throw away a lid or entire bottle. I hate that. It’s a bummer and it’s gross and it’s wasteful. You’ll be able to keep this one tidy and gross-stuff free. These bottles can be used for hot or cold beverages and let’s not leave out room temp drinks. Whatever you want.

image1ALSO, Polar Bottle has a newly designed bottle, the Zipstream™ that will be very exciting for us cyclists. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Polar; free of nasty chemicals, wide mouth, squeezable for one handed use, easy to clean and it holds 24 ounces for your drinking pleasure. The cool piece for me as someone who likes to drink one handed (for biking and talking with my hands) is the top which I easily put on my Ergo Spectrum water bottles. The top is SPILL PROOF even when it’s open and it gives a lovely high flow. The cap can be purchased separately to fit 12, 20 and 24 oz. bottles.

Overall, what’s not to love? Nothing. Colors? Great. Easy to clean? You bet. Holds more than enough, safe to use and hearty? Yep, yep and double yep. Polar is made in the USA and they are right here in Boulder. Get some now.


*Although the Ergo Spectrum is not designed for a bottle cage, this reviewer was able to use it while riding. If you prefer a perfect and easy to use bottle while riding your bike, the Zipstream is your best choice.

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