Women’s Wednesday – Women In Sport Enrichment (WISE)

Written by Cheri Felix

Ann Trombley believes in helping women to excel in their sport which is why she created WISE (Women in Sports Enrichment). Ann is building on her own experience as an athlete and hopes to encourage women to continue to show up and line up. Ann came up with WISE because she believes when the financial stress is alleviated, women and girls can focus on training and competition.

WISE believes that when women and girls are supported in sports that we all win. Building strength, confidence and discipline will help them excel in other areas of life. Not having money shouldn’t be a barrier. We can’t live in a world where you can only play if you can pay. It’s a different world than when I was a kid. I know. This sounds like I’m old but it’s true. I still have a receipt from Little League. It cost my parents $10.00 to play that summer and they handed us the uniforms from the previous year. Wash and you were ready to go. School sports were the same. I am 100% convinced that my life would’ve been very different without sports. It helped me survive trauma and loss. It also taught me that I was valuable and not because of my looks or clothing or my Jean Nate perfume.

WISE has given out three grants so far and is also giving away *10 entries to women in CAT 3-5 for the upcoming UCI cyclocross race at Valmont Park on October 14th. The long term goal is to help four women or four women’s teams get to a National, Worlds or world champion level race by providing enough money for travel, housing and entry fees. For now, WISE is supporting cyclists but Ann eventually wants to help athletes from other sports. Already, $2,500.00 has been distributed to three women for travel and equipment costs. Can you spell a-m-a-z-i-n-g? I can. Probably because I played sports (and won a spelling bee). Check out WISE. Perhaps you or your company can help them out. Or perhaps you know an athlete who could use some help. Either way, check them out.

NOTES: WISE is a 501c3. This should make it easy in case your company would like to make an end of the year contribution. (Hint hint).

*There were three remaining entries available when this article was written. Contact Ann at ann@helpwomenrace.org for more information about an entry or to donate to WISE.


4 thoughts on “Women’s Wednesday – Women In Sport Enrichment (WISE)

  1. Gentlemen, you’re on your own. You pay for your entry fee, your travel, your kit, your bike, and you provide for your family (or child support and alimony as the case may be).

    1. Nice response A C-F.
      You need a fact check and history lesson. Let’s start with pro cyclists. Men have a minimum wage in cycling (that is going up). Women Pros do not. Some get zero wage and have other jobs to live. Lots of top women (Olympians, etc) don’t even crack 30k.
      In America history, all but white men were considered as lesser people. Right to vote, less than 100 years. Welcome in to sports like Boston Marathon, Pro tennis, etc……so short that that happened within our lives.
      Now you have a clue dude.

      1. You might want to clarify the minimum wage thing. Very few US teams pay a minimum wage. At the moment there are 3 US- registered World Tour Teams and 2 Pro Conti teams. No other US teams have minimum wage requirements.

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