Women’s Wednesday: Cheri’s Top-down CHCB Clothing Review

cheriBy Cheri Felix

CHCB: Civii II Shorts & Morgan Crew Short Sleeve Jersey Review

I’m not much of a shoe girl. And I don’t wear makeup (that’s not a political statement). I do like socks. A lot. I buy a lot of books that quietly promise that I’ll be a better person someday. And I love coffee. But clothing and shoes and makeup and wine and chocolate are not on the top 10 list of where my money goes. But bike clothing, that’s something I can put my back into. There are so many more options than when I started riding in the late 90’s. I had one pair of shorts and one very short skort back in the day. Now, my cup runneth over. Performance Bike’s brand CHCB, is pushing out some very cool, stylish and functional clothing for women. And it must be said, some may even call it affordable which is a great thing.

I’ve been wearing the CHCB women’s Civii II Shorts and the CHCB Morgan Crew Short Sleeve Jersey. Let’s start with the top and work our way down. SOFT. This is the first word I come up with when I wear this shirt. COZY would be the second. It falls well and fits right. The material is a poly/spandex blend which is breathable and wicky. The color is teal which is one of my top three favorite colors this year. It has a reflective tab on the back button (for evening riding) and a button back pocket. Pocket is big enough for a gel pack, your ID and a 20 dollar bill. And maybe a half sandwich too. The groovy pocket on the front tops it off with fun colors and a tie dye effect. Sizing? I don’t like tight clothing so I’m wearing a medium but could’ve easily worn a small too.

Bottoms. The Civii II Shorts are dark grey and they are excellent enough for both trail and for around town. There is a reflective flap pocket on the back and a side zippered pocket that easily fits a small set of keys and a gel. They are also a poly/spandex blend and are breathable and quick drying. And to be honest, function is high and so is the look. They are fitted with a nice cut and are also extremely flexible for the type of rad riding you want to do. I wore them recently in Fruita for about 5 hours of trail and apres time and absolutely loved them. And although I sort of miss the side pockets for my hands, I didn’t miss them enough for that to be a complaint. Sizing: Small for me. And I’m usually a small, so I’d say they fit true to size.

Bottom line: Both of these will be a staple for me this summer. And they’ll go with me on road trips when I need clothing that is quick drying. There are so many great options for clothing and it’s nice to be able to grab a “kit” for less than a car payment. Not that there’s anything wrong with car loan pricing but not everyone has that coin to drop and we need to make our sport accessible to all.

And for you locals, don’t worry, the rain will eventually stop. Eventually.


(P.S. Don’t quote me on this because things change ALL the time and very quickly, but these items may be on sale…as we speak.)

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