• Valentine’s Day… What She Really Wants.

    Submitted by 303cycling on February 10th, 2016

    Valentine’s Day. We could go round and round about whether or not it’s a real holiday or not but let’s not waste precious time. Let’s get down to what is important: Buying me- I mean buying your loved one- something that really says “What in the world would I do without you?” And although the answer to that question would be “have more money,” let’s not be cynical… Read more

    • Spotlight: Team ten20

      Submitted by 303cycling on January 21st, 2016

      Every once in awhile we here at 303 want to showcase some of the amazingness we have in our community. Sometimes it will be an event, sometimes it will be a team and sometimes it might be a shout out to a person. Either way, it’s just the down and dirty. Just the parts you need to know. Get in and get out.

       Read more

      • Women’s Wednesday: Cheri Felix gets Fat

        Submitted by 303cycling on January 20th, 2016

        Never in my life have I ridden so slow and worked so hard.

        I had not been “actively” thinking about racing a fat bike. And by that I mean I had not been my usual self about it; obsessive. And then I was. Brian, co-owner of Boulder Bicycle Works texted on Friday and asked if I was planning to race in Fraser the next day. Before I could respond he texted five magic words; I’ll bring you a bike. A carbon LaMere to be precise. Okay, twist my arm. I’ll do it… Read more

        • For the New Year: Perfection

          Submitted by 303cycling on December 31st, 2015

          As you reflect on 2015, and prepare to ring in all the newness tonight, 303’s Cheri Felix has a message for all the women out there seeking perfection in racing… and ponytails… and all else. She reveals the long-sought secret to achieving perfection. (*This message is equally applicable to most men as well.)

          “…please catch this because I’m about to throw you a hail mary pass and game ending throw all in one…” Read more

          • Women’s Wednesday – How Does She Do It All? She Doesn’t.

            Submitted by 303cycling on May 13th, 2015

            One of my fav people said to me recently, “How do you do it with three kids?”. He was referring to (I think) the article writing, the coaching, the cooking, the (pretend) cleaning, the managing three kids and their busy schedules. And here’s the answer for me and I’m betting more than a few of you regardless of gender or family status. I don’t. I don’t do it all. And some of the stuff I do I don’t do super well. Read more