Water For People racing into Western Kansas

By Bill Plock,

Eleanor and some of the crew near Cuchara Pass

Still going strong, the Water for People four person Race Across America (RAAM) team is in Eastern Colorado at approx 9:45 Tuesday night and about to cross into Kansas.

George Thomas caught up with crew chief Kevin Kowak as he was in Trinidad earlier today. He spoke about how they divided the team in mountains pairing the stronger climbers to tackle Wolf Creek (in the dark) and the other passes in a shift from the normal rotation. Check out the conversation here:

Conversation with Kevin Kowak

To offer perspective, George is “the voice of RAAM” and is now in Annapolis at the finish line getting ready to greet some of the solo riders and two person teams who started before the four person teams. He has to keep an eye on the finish line while checking in with Eleanor and the Water for People Team–way to go George, the 303Endurance world appreciates the effort, and of course the effort of the riders!

Here is a link to track them: HERE

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