Valentine’s Day… What She Really Wants.

By Cheri Felix

Valentine’s Day. We could go round and round about whether or not it’s a real holiday or not but let’s not waste precious time. Let’s get down to what is important: Buying me- I mean buying your loved one- something that really says “What in the world would I do without you?” And although the answer to that question would be “have more money,” let’s not be cynical.

jerseyPersonally I prefer coffee and bike shops to clothing stores, but bike clothing is essential. So let’s start there. I know layering is the opposite of what you usually think of for a Valentine’s Day gift (hint: lacy and black), but layers are important. Right now I LOVE the CHCB Civii Crew Long Sleeve Jersey. It has been fantastic for not only fat bike racing but also for winter running and snow sports. And it’s cute and the colors are fabulous. Bonus information: Usually I wear a small but for this one a medium is a better fit. And I’ve worn it about 35 times since I got it in December. And yes, I’ve slept in it.

leggingI have to talk Shredly with you. You know I love it. Who wouldn’t love a short that looks as rad as it performs. And now they’ve gone and done it. They’re selling leggings. And they look soft. And cozy. And… I haven’t experienced them YET. But mark my words. I will. In the meantime, I have four pair of Shredly shorts. And I love them like a junior high boyfriend; with a slight obsessiveness bordering on inappropriateness.

And wouldn’t it be nice if we were rich and we could say, “Hey special Valentine, here’s a 1st class ticket to Sedona. Take this and the new bike I just bought you and this envelope full of cash. Knock yourself out.” But for the REST of us, how about you simply carve out some time for her to take the day to herself. Fill her pack with her favorite snacks, fill the bladder (my least favorite part) and say, “I’ve got this. Don’t come back until you want to. Here’s a gift card for Oscar Blues. Ride your bike, eat some dinner, drink some beer and we’ll clean the house while you’re gone.”

cheriSee? Valentine’s Day isn’t that hard. And although you really don’t need to wait until February 14 to tell her you care, let’s buy in. Let’s just go along with it all. Because here’s your present for sticking with me to the end; there are no guarantees. Life’s short and all that. Why wait. Let her know NOW that you think she’s the cat’s meow. The snap to your crackle and pop. The bacon in your BLT.

Peace, love and all things bike,


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