They’re under 21 and ruling the men’s elite Colorado cyclocross field

By Mary Topping

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Tim Allen and Brannan Fix crawl out of a muddy ditch, photo by Mary Topping
Tim Allen and Brannan Fix crawl out of a muddy ditch

Sunday’s Colorado cyclocross championship races delivered interesting statements about the men’s and women’s elite fields.

In the men’s race a lead group of six or so riders formed almost immediately. That’s not unusual. The noteworthy bit is this pack consisted entirely of riders under 21 years-old: Gage Hecht, Maxx Chance, Grant and Ross Ellwood, Brannan Fix and Eric Brunner. The top four finishers emerged from this group. They were, in order, Hecht, Chance, Fix and Grant Ellwood. See full results on the BRAC website.

Five years ago the lead group drew from guys in their late 20s and a few around age 40. Tim Allen, now 30, was making his way into the favorites back then. After coming in sixth Sunday, he shared his reason for eventually trailing the front-runners: he simply couldn’t keep up with the youngsters.

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