• Drivers’ Road Rage & Cyclists

    Submitted by Dana Willett on August 16th, 2016

    While riding north today on 75th Street in Hygiene a fellow cyclist approached, telling me about an incident recently on Rabbit Mountain. She said she had been openly taunted and harassed by a man in a pickup truck, and feared for her safety. The man appeared to be approximately 50 years old, and had dyedRead More

    • Colorado Bikeaholics: Passionate Colorado Cyclists

      Submitted by Dana Willett on January 15th, 2016

      It seems pretty obvious when we pass pelotons of cyclists covered in layers of high tech fabrics dodging small amounts of snow and gravel that Colorado has lots of serious cyclists… heck, maybe not even serious – just lots of enthusiasts. And of course not only cyclists, but triathletes and runners, hikers and skiers, climbers and… the list of activities Coloradans enjoy on a regular basis is long.

      But some folks like data. We want proof that what we see is true. There are so many ways to prove that Colorado loves cyclists and cyclists love Colorado … Read more

      • Is a Sock Just a Sock?

        Submitted by Jen Findley on September 17th, 2015

        By Cheri Felix What Happened in Interbike in Vegas. When I was a little kid, maybe like 11 or 12, I would spend a lot of time at the park. I played tennis, basketball and since I love cross so much it doesn’t surprise me one bit that after a good rain I loved toRead More